Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #63 I'm a Sister Training Leader!!!!

so just so you all know.... dan dan dan.... que? i did not have changes!!! im still here in lo cañas... can you believe that? i thought for sure i was going to get changes but i guess im going to finish my mision here! its all good, i´ve got mixed feelings about it but it will be good. im excited. 3 comps my whole mission and 2 sectors wow... hahah! ALSO guess what??  I am a sister training leader!! ya it will be crazy with lots of meetings. but i´ve going to start my divisions with my hermanas tomorrow actually so should be fun!! wish me luck. ya about kyn it was crazy Saturday we got on the computer to do this thing we do to find less actives and i had to get on my email to get my password... and i saw the email and being a little chueca, and i think the spirit was there too... i looked at kyns message curious tooo... and so i started my fast for her right after in the street haha but I'm glad I was able to fast with you guys! so hopefully it helps her a bit...

ok so lets see... this week was a lot of walking not many people wanted to talk to us this week but we all have those weeks right... but we had some miracles too... so we were walking and all of a sudden Monica's name came into my head and i said ya we need to go visit her... so we went and she wasn't doing too good, still struggling with the whole thing with her son and all the things that have happened... but we were able to help lift her up for a bit... you could feel the spirit really strong and i just felt good that we were able to help lift her up when she was down!! then we have this new investigator named adrian. he is from Ecuador and is living here in Chile so we can't go to his house and teach him so we had to teach him in the park on wed. and we were all freezing our butts off... it was so cold... and like 9:30 at night tooo. but the lesson went really good and we taught the whole thing in english because he wants to practice his english.  it was so weird!! my first lesson in english and i was forgetting all the words in english. it would have been so much easier in spanish. blessing tho right? i remember when i couldn't even give a lesson in spanish when i first got here so it made me realize how blessed i have been to have learned a new language. i thought it was going to be impossible! heavenly father is a miracle worker "im speaking spanish"!! thanks to him!
we also had a cool experience with a contact. we were walking and all of a sudden my body stopped. i turned and the next thing i knew i was handing the kid a tarjeta and talking to him and then when i realized what i was doing, i had gotten his address and set up an appointment to visit him!! it was soooo weird and it definitely was not me talking... kinda cool tho. but he lives in the other hermana's sector but i have a feeling he is going to be a good investigators for them!! well that's about it for now, lots more happened but i don't have time hahaha.!! but i love you all so much and i feel so blessed to have every single one of you guys in my life...thanks for everything and for the birthday wishings -  you guys all made me cry!!! LES AMO!!!
con amor,
hermana godfrey

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