Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week 5 of Vacations!! Week #50

WELL first of CONGRATULATIONS lynds i cannot believe kentucky!! that's so cool awww and shes speaking Spanish! we'll totally be able to talk it up when she gets home. and lake powell awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm so excited i really miss that place so that well be fun thank you so so so much gma and gpa!! love you guys!!

this week was a bit ruff but we pushed through i.t i cant wait for vacations to be over... not till the end of feb. but things are starting to come along a bit. we found a couple of new investigators this week and they are awesome. one is Lorena, and she has tons of questions... and i just had a huge smile on my face because we were able to answer all her questions and she wants us to pass by every wed. then Andres who is younger and awesome and interested as well, so i feel blessed because i have been able to see those tender mercies of my HF throughout these days, and the tiny miracles we have been able to see. i feel so blessed to be here and to be with my comp... she is awesome i really love her so much. but ya, we are just working hard and going to charge this next week. let's do it together ok mum!!

funny story the other day was hna orozco´s birthday and the latina tradition is to throw on egg on their head and flour so we did it was so funny i was laughing my head off the whole time and then we got in a egg flour fight.... and after our pincion reeked of egg for 3 days!! good times.!! but ya that's about it for this week, not much but love you all so much!! hope you all have a great week!!
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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