Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #57 EASTER!

I'm sure your all are just dying to hear where i am right now!! what new sector i have, who IS my new comp.... ?¿? if you know my presidente... well everything is the same hahah im still with hna orozco and still en lo cañas. im pretty sure ill probably end my mission here -  2 sectors 3 comps, life is good!! haha my mission is defiantly really different then other missions... but its all good! everything really is going good and i cant believe how fast time is going by.. i need to enjoy every second and I'm  trying too!! Lets see, this week was crazy... same old same old... but let's see, we had two less active families come to church. one, the dad was a missionary.. ap actually and they are super inactive like years... i don't understand. he should understand of all people, but they came to church which was awesome. then we had a another less active family come and the dad hasn't come for 15 years....and he came. it was really cool to see him in church! i think he wants his kids to be part of the church so that's good!! so that was a mini miracle!

so i dunno if you guys know about the burning of valparaiso.. its a town and hour from Santiago. like the whole city burned to the ground, more the 1000 homes were destroyed... and people here are freaking out... i wanna go help them out so bad. everyone from the ward is telling us how they went and helped bring food and cleaned everything up. so i was thinking about it and i started to think what would i do in the situation... it is worse then a earthquake because everything you own is in coals.. i think i would be ok, just as long as my family was ok! but makes you think what if we were to lose everything thing or leave everything behind like lehi...could we do it or are the material things too important for us? no sé! be grateful for what you have tho! the people in valparaiso have nothing and have lost everything and are happy just to have food! so that was a my week basically, nothing to exciting. but hope you're all doing well and know i miss you all tons!! have such a great week!
besitos, y abrasitos,
con amor
hermana godfrey

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