Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #54 Life in La Loma

ok well this week was boring but crazy... i guess you could say almost all of our citas fell through so it was a lot of walking around and contacting but it still was good. we had some neat experiences, even just with contacted. the other day we were walking and we were trying to find new investigators and we had the idea to stop and say a prayer that HF would help us find people, and its was so weird because literally 20 mins after, we contacted this lady and she was like, i always see you guys and i was just waiting for one of these day you guys would stop and talk to me, here is my number and address and what day would you guys like to pass by and visit me... hum how about tuesday... ¿WHAT? my mouth dropped we didn't even have to stay anything! she pretty much answered all the questions we had for her so we have a cita with her tomorrow!! well see how that goes. it was so incredible tho to see how HF just answered our prayer but i think something very important is that me and hna orozco had the faith that he was going to answer our prayer. faith, people, is important! if we don't have the faith that HF can perform miracles, well then, hes not going to help us. we ended up meeting some super interesting people that day we met this guy from spain that spoke really really weird but it was fun, and just a bunch of crazy people. i kinda like contacting once you get started.

i think the craziest thing that happened this week tho was fransico... so about a week ago we get a call from a kid, man no sè, hes like 25 years old and he tells us that he is addicted to drugs and he wanted us to pass by to help him stop...not gonna lie i was stoked. but then we didn't hear from him again. so one monday i decided to give him a call and he didn't answer "ok i thought maybe he doesn't need our help" but that night we received a bunch of text messages saying that he was completely high... and drugged out of his mind and that he need our help as soon as possible and he asked if we could pass by in the morning so we did and let me tell you i have never felt so?? i don't even have words to explain this experience.
we walk into his house and he lives in this little room and there is a bed and a little tv and a few boxers and tshirts on the ground and a bottle of alcohol, matches all over the floor and burnt holes on the ground.

we started to talk to him and he just told us that he has been addicted to drugs since he was 14 and it all started with weed. and that now he is doing hard core stuff, most of the drug he told us i could really understand what the english translation was but i caught crack and you could just tell this guys was messed up. i told him that god loved him and that if i really wants to change he can do it but its going to take lots of strength and time and maybe professional help. honestly there wasn't much that we could do... i just was trying to support him and let him know he was loved. the poor kid was crying and just wanted to change so bad and wanted our help... i wanted to cry. it made me think so much about that movie about stevo... from jackass.... it was that bad and we said a prayer and told him that anything he needs to just give us a call. then we left and i could feel tears coming to my eyes, poor poor thing. i thought i cant even imagine this kid's lost everything because he started smoking weed harmlessly.... he has sold all of his stuff to buy drugs, his mum kicked him out of the house... he literally has nothing. when we walked out of the house it was like all of my energy was taken from me... i don't know how to explain it but me and hna orozco felt so weird and just sad and we just felt we needed to go to the pincion and read our scriptures... it like took everything out of us... it was so evil inside of there and i have never seen and felt something so empty. well we ended up working really really hard that day to kind refill us because the whole experience really drained us. then we got a text the other day from fransico telling us that he hasn't done any drugs for 3 days and that he is happy and thanking us for listening to him. so i dunno what more is going to happen. we are being really cautious because its a bit of a sketchy situation but... we're kinda leaving it in gods hand but it made me feel good that we could give him hope more then anything else.
but ya that was about it for my week... it was all over the place but ya life is good we had a conference with our president this week too which was really good but it made me realize how fast time is winding down. it's going by tooo fast, enjoy every moment, people!! because time goes by way too fast!! i love you all so much and am so grateful for your prayers and support. you all are amazing! have a great week.
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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