Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #56 Conference Week

ok so first of all just so you all are all calm nothing really happened here in santiago it was all in the north of chile where the earthquake happened... we just felt a few after shocks nothing to big.. but people are freaking out here and super scared... it was way funny tho one of the after shocks i was laying on the floor in our pincion just talking to the other hermanas and all of a sudden, my head started shaking up and down hitting the floor pretty hard and i started yelling hahah it was pretty funny! i loved it but ya nothing to grave here.

oh conference was amazing! just so you all know, i watched it in spanish and understood everything...but i do have to say its fun to watch in english just because you can hear their real voices. but it was an experience, right? i enjoyed it. i loved conference so much tho! my last one here in the mission. i loved uchtdorf of course, and the idea of being grateful for the things that you have even if you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for there is always something... it reminded me a few days ago me and hna orozco were walking and there wasn't much going one we knew it was going to be a ruff day all of our citas canceled and so i started saying today is going to be a good day because the sun is out... then hna orozco today is going to be a good day cause there is the cutest dog in the street... and we continued for about 20mins and i can tell it really did make a difference in our day. we may not have entered a single house that day, but we were happy, and it was a good day!! i also loved, loved president monsons talk on the importance of loving one another and how it is a commandment to love one another... and the story he told about the seamstress... i don't know why but i really just enjoyed his talk a lot... i don't know if you guys noticed but this conference was very strong and it focused on teenagers and homes and family and the importance of being strong and the youth especially. i dunno that's how i felt.. it was so cool too, i was talking to my comp. and it was fun because a lot of the things the apostles talked about were like something we had just studied the day before. i knew where most of the scriptures they were talking about were. i left feeling like i understood so much than before in conference. i guess that is why they say that missionaries are the closest you can be to being part of the quorum of the 12. but it was so good. so many good talks and things we can take out of conference but we need to not only listen then brush it off, but actually try to apply them. that is my challenge for you all... apply what you have learned! i loved the one by elder ballard about missionary work too. made me think about you, dad, and lyndsey and how you guys are being great missionaries. i know that it is what heavenly father wants us all to do - invite people we know to have the happiness we have. and one more thing i loved... sorry I'm blabbering, was the 4 mins here on earth, life is short so live it up you have 4 mins and how are you spending your 4 mins??? loved. it.

So the story of the week was probably con paul. we found him this week, giovanna is working a ton but his sister just moved here from haiti and so we found a french bom and gave it to him. paul looked at as and said thank you so much! i don't have words to explain how much you two mean to me and for this book but thank you!! he even said it in english but i think he wanted us to really understand how he felt. it was so sweet!! a moment ill never forget. life is good, the mission is incredible! time is flying by and the next thing you know ill be home. i love you all so much and i hope you all have a great week.
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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