Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #55 Lorena's Baptism!!!

HOLA familia y amigos!!

como se sentirían si yo escribo todo en español...???

ok where do i start? i don't know, this week was kinda hard because all of our citas (appointments) fell through, but we were able to see many mini miracles so it was a slow week, but yet crazy fast week hum... first we had a really cool clase de districto that i just absolutely loved. we all sat in a circle and we started for the 1 nefi 1 and we each read one verse, but after one missionary read the verse, first we all stopped an analyzed it and each said what caught our attention and what we liked, and then we went to the next verse... we only got to 1 nefi 1:6 but i learned more in those 6 verses than i think i could have learned reading 6 ch. fast... and not putting in any attention like we did... oh and we all come with 2 questions, and after we read, we were to see if we had received an answer to our questions. one of them i actually did receive the answer. but i really loved it so much!! super interesting... so you guys should try it during family home evening... i would love to hear what happens.
then we had a super awesome class in church on sunday. it's funny how everyone thinks that since we're missionaries, that we know everything... but every time i go to church on sunday, i learn something and i love it... who would have thought learning would be so fun!! hehe. but this last sunday i loved what we learned we talked first about a pilot and how most people think that they don't do much. but they actually have 2 people driving the plane because they constantly have to be watching the system, because if not, the plane will slowly drift off and end up going who knows where, so the idea of the class started with a scripture 2 nefi 28:21.  satan knows how to attack us and we sometimes become to accustomed to every day things like praying, reading, going to church, doing your home teaching... but this is what they call spiritual sleeping...its something we do because it becomes a habit, but the question is are we really feeling anything when we pray? do we feel the spirit when we read, or go to church?  the idea is that we need to wake ourselves up... sometime heavenly father does it for us with a huge something it your life. an earthquake, we could call it, in your perfect world... but sometimes we need to realize that we are spiritually asleep and we need to WAKE UP... and its usually a constant cycle that we need to keep reminding ourselves, to wake up. they drew us a picture but i cant draw on the email so ill translate it and send a picture next week but it was really good. i loved it! we need to wake ourselves up and not just get use to doing things because we have too. but because we want to get something out of it and its going to help us. then they ended with inviting all of us to read mosiah 4.

so ya what else? i found an abandoned kitten in the street and found it a home... and used it to contact people in the street "do you like cats" ... "no" " have you ever once talked to missionaries?" hahaha it worked too we got a new investigator. haha and ya life is good just trying to end they best i can i really can feel satan working on your sector but i know we are going to beat him we have some good things waiting for us. thanks for all you guys do and all the support... love you all so much and have a great week and enjoy general conference. ill be right there with you but i will be watching my last conference in the mission in español!! LES AMO MUCHO!!!

Con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

now mum you know the rule, but we had a baptism on Sunday... LORENA my chilean grandma she showed up super super sick and was just dying all during church and her baptism, but she was so excited and knew it was something important it was really special. and i was so happy for her! i didn't do anything tho, i was just lucky to have the opportunity to teach her but she really was prepared... but i feel blessed that i was able to be part of that moment with her it really was so beautiful!!! miracles are happening now!! hopefully paula y mario!!!

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