Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013




WEEK #17

Hola familia y amigos,

Okay!! So where do i start it's so crazy because i just feel like all the days are blurring together, like you said one time, mum, days come and go and every once in a while something exciting happens jaja! So this semana we worked our butts off trying the complete our goals for the month and I've just been trying really hard to not waste time and just keep our days filled with stuff to do, which was a really good thing. We visited Benita this week and are teaching her lesson 4 tomorrow, the commandments. I don't know what it is but it's really hard with her because we will ask, "Did you receive an answer about the b.o.m and Jose Smith?" and she´ll say yes and that's it!!, nothing else!! And then she´ll start talking about something way off subject. So i don't really know where we are at with her. She now works Saturdays and Sundays only ( freakin Satan) and so she didn't come to church this Sunday and I don't know, I'm just lost i guess. I can't figure out what she is really feeling. She is always is so excited to see us, listens to us and asks tons of questions, reads and does all we ask but something… i dunno, just isn't there!! It's hard to because we don't have anyone else, no other investigators really progressing and i just don't know what I'm doing wrong… i literally am doing everything i can for this lady in our sector and we just can't find anyone who is interested and its hard.  But I've got to keep my chin up, right!! And keep trekking!! There is someone out there we can help even if it is just planting that seed. (: oh we finally got to talk to Gerado for the first time in 3 weeks. He´s been working a lot. We talked to him and his sister and i really can see his sister, Angelica go somewhere, but the problem is the mom!!! She loves us but that's it. She doesn't want to hear anything more from us and she always comes in and distracts us from teaching, and she knows she´s doing it too... it's kinda funny though, sometimes this lady really is repulsive. She comes up to me and says, "I haven't showered in 5 days!" lifts up her shirt and her boob falls out so she wipes the sweat from underneath her boob and shoves it in my face. Let's just say that was a smell i will never forget, and i think i about passed out after that!!… haha Her son, David Jesus, the one with downs syndrome asked me to come sit by him, and he started to give me a massage. I felt so awkward and i didn't know what to do, and for a second i thought he was going to kiss me, he kept getting closer and closer to me and hna vale just sat and laughing at me because i guess i looked so uncomfortable. haha!!  Oh, the experiences you have in the mission. Ahhhh Kyn!! I can't wait to hear all yours. We´ll see what happens with Gerado. We are going to have an asado with the whole family this saturday so that should be really fun!! Oh ya!!  I went and got my visa on Friday too!!  Well, that was a long day, and thankfully i had no problems.  I got to see all my friends from my district in Provo and it was so fun to see them all speaking Spanish! It was cool too, Elder Close, a kid that was in my district in Provo and has been in my district here in Chile, told everyone that he probably would be home right now if i wasn't for Hermana Godfrey... I thought that was really neat!  I didn't really do much, but still, really cool of him to say.  After my visa, hna Val got really sick and threw up so we didn't work Friday or much on Saturday but we tried to make it up on Sunday and i think i pushed her a little to hard Sunday because she kinda got sick again but she´s doing good now. But, all is good here in Chile it is raining like crazy, which you know how much i love rain, and it's so funny because it is just like the movies where cars drive by and a huge sheet of water falls all over you. So, moral of the story, don't stand too close to the sides of the street!! hahaha pretty funny though!! I love you guys so much so fun to hear you all had a great week and that school is almost out and summer is coming! Have so much fun this week and thanks so much for the prayers! xoxoxo

Te amo muchisimo,
your lil missionary,






Week #16 HOLA!

Hola familia y amigos,
¿ok ok what happened this week? it has been i slow week to be honest we had transfers yesterday and me and hna vale are still comps and our district is still the same, i think that's a good thing i think president feel we are a strong district and doing well because everyone only district got split up like crazy the companionships this change are all over the place so yep all is still the same and i really am ok with it i love Los Platanos and everyone just tell me how it is one of the best barrios in all of Santiago este and everyone is just so amazing!! So I feel really blessed to be here and to still be with my comp we are really learning how to work well with each other and our study room is just covered in metas(goals) were not allowed to enter the pinch at night unless we do our goal for that day. As for Benita we have been working a lot with her lately and i really feel like good things will come of her and her family so keep your fingers cross and her in your prayer por favor! oh crazy story so we did divisions the other day and hna resendiz went with hna vale to teach Benita and Benita was super super sad and depressed and just the worst we´ve ever seen her. what happened was she had found a little gatito (kitty) in the street and her daughter florencia just fell in love with the gato well they already have 2 gatos so Benita the next day got rid of the gato well florencia was not to happy about that and she destroyed the house and when i say destroyed, i mean destroyed!  She ripped all her moms plants apart, took a picture of Benita that she gave her for mums day and took a knife and cut her mums throat and drew and picture of her mum hanging by a rope.... after this whole thing hna resendiz came up to me and said i think there is something wrong with this child like really something missing in her head.. it got me to thinking about one time when we were in the church me and hna vale took florencia into the bathroom and florencia was rocking back and forth in the bathroom singing some satanic - like song, and i remember I felt so weird.. i dunno what this child's problem is but i really just hope that we can help this family feel the Lord's love for them and really change this family all together. but ya all is going good with Benita. Now we need to work on the son, daughter and husband!! haha but ya everything is going really good and we are just working hard we had a noche de hogar yesterday with this family i just absolutely love. I think Chanler would be best friends with their son. but it was such a cool experience and we got their inactive son to participate and then in the end, i gave the family the nitro circus dvd and they just wouldn't stop saying thank you gracias gracias gracias!!! Dad, you're blessing lives all around the world once again!! but ya everything is going well and i am just loving the mission!!! i cant stop thinking about how kyn is now going on a mission ahhhh i really am so so happy for her!! Every time i walk down the street or contact some person in the street or teach a lesson, kyns face pops into my head and i just think about her doing this exact same thing in a couple of months!! ahhh so bakan!!! oh ya, hna vale and I bought mate last Monday and we drink it like everyday i think i have a problem it is so good!!!

As for Kelsey's wedding, she looks so pretty in her pictures, that's too bad that you guys couldn't go but hopefully she understand, You know i brag about you guys all the time out here hahah! i think i have seriously the best family in the world! i show everyone pictures of our family all the time and am just like bla bla bla, i think sometimes my comp wishes I'd shut up about talking about you guys, but i cant help it! My family really is the best!!! That is so cool what the missionaries did with you guys... Kyn should go on splits with the sister missionaries if she can, I know that will be such a big blessing for her in her mission, and it is such a blessing for the missionaries to have lesson with members. And her papers are officially in June 15th ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cannot wait to find out where she is going. I'm guessing Santiago Chile Este, can you imagine!!!hahaha Oh, I hope so that would be so fun!

I have been thinking about struggles and how much harder the mission is than I thought, and how we all have our individual struggles right now.  I was praying and after I prayed i sat there for a second kinda hoping for some kind of inspiration to come or thoughts or something, but nothing came, i felt at peace tho. i then went out and started writing in my journal and hna resendizs was watching a D&C dvd and so i stopped writing and started to watch the dvd with her, it was about the restoration of the church, the Joseph Smith story, and as i watched, i just started balling just watching all the things Joseph had to go through, I thought to myself, why did he have to go through so much, him and Emma Smith, losing kids, being kicked out of the home and so much more?… and all they were doing was trying to do the right thing. So as i thought to myself, i thought how life is not easy and Satan is working just as hard as God is and he doesn't want good to come to pass. and how if Joseph would have given up and quit we would not have the restored gospel right now, we would not have the knowledge of the gospel we know, we would not have the scriptures, nothing, and now look how many lives Joseph has blessed because he never gave up and he suffered so much for us. It is the same with Jesus Christ, he was perfect in every way! Why did Christ have to suffer so much? but if he never would have suffer, I wouldn't have the atonement and look how many lives the atonement has blessed! so i guess the moral of the story is you never know the bigger picture and whose life you will bless in the end even if you don't see it now, by going through struggles and sticking to it. ( you should watch the Joseph smith movie for family night one night it really is so so good). but ya keep fighting and know you are always in my prayers! A mission was not what i thought it was, and it is definitely not easy, but we always need to keep fighting and i know with all my heart in the end something good will happen with our efforts. Well, i hope you all have a great week and know how much i love you all and pray for you everyday!!!

Con mucho amor,
your lil missionary
All my love, your daughter on a mission in Chile!!!