Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #62 My Testimony

so first off, to start off we have cambios this next week so we will see next monday where i end up spending my last transfer. that's cool you guys met hna chamberlin.. she was my comp from the CCM´s trainer-- she's really sweet and a way good missionary.

so this week was a bit crazy!! i was raining super hard on wed. i was on divisiones and i wasn't too prepared for the rain... and i got soaking wet hahah. thankfully we  got into two houses.. wahoo but the rest of the night we were walking around in the cold, raining night... you have got to love the mission. my comp that day,  hna sharp was worried because my feet were soaked but i told her that i was fine and we continued. plus i was loving the rain...haha. it was a fun night!!!

so the other day i was sitting there listening too a talk by Eyring, the one he gave this last conference about his grandfather and everything he has and the fact that he has the gospel in his life is all thanks to his grandfather. i thought that was neat because i know the gospel came into our life thanks to one of our ancestors... but then he started to talk about the conversion of his grandfather and how he was converted and how he gained his testimony... so i started to think, where did my testimony come from? when was I truly, truly converted??... well i don't know if it was day and noche for me... i think it was little things testifying to me throughout my whole life... and experiences i have had throughout my life. but i would have to say my mission has definitely sealed my testimony, and it tries your testimony too but i think after its been tried its that much more stronger. I'm so grateful that from my mission i have learned and grown so much, all thanks to the mission. I have gained my testimony out here. i know God is our Heavenly Father, i know Christ lives... and i know he has a plan for each and every one of us. i love this gospel with all my heart.!! and i have the best family in the whole world and thanks to my parents and their faithfulness,  i was able to grow up in the gospel.
i would love you hear your guys conversion stories. when was the moment that you were truly converted????  so feel free to write me!! hehehe  ill be waiting next monday!!
haha  well time is going fast trying my hardest to just finish running. hope you all have a great week and know im always praying for you all. love you all so much!!
con amor,
hermana godfrey

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