Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #61 Only 8 Weeks to Go!!

hola familia y amigos,

things here in chile are going really good! this week was crazy and i am absolutely exhausted... lets see where do i start.. well i had to run down to el centro and wake up early to go get my carnet... and we were there all day... then we came back and went straight to help with the noche de hogar or the activity we have been planning. it was crazy then we got everything set up and wilberdani and paul came!!!! wahooo!! they stuck out like sore  thumbs and so everyone was just talking to them like crazy and everyone was supporting them a lot. it was really neat to see and then, sunday came around and they both came to church. i think they really like it. it was really cool to finally see them in church and all the guys, just man, really good friends with paul. during the noche de hogar us missionaries, we did a skit and it seriously was the funnest thing!! we got the whole ward laughing so hard. ill try and see if i can send it on dropbox. it was a good night.

then on sunday we had a pretty crazy experience. fransica was supposed to get baptized and everything was ready to go. they showed up to church on time and at the end of church we started the baptism service. everything started out good, but when we got to the font, the water was freezing cold freezing freezing cold!! but they still got in... but poor fran got scared and didn't want to go under the water. the hno pushed her under the first time but she didn't go down all the way and then the second time she was bawling .... i felt so so bad!! i promised her that the water would be warm and that it would be a beautiful experience and here we traumatized the poor girl... so we ended the service and they went home. i was a wreck.. i felt so so bad... one of the counselors of the ward was really sweet and just told me that it was normal and things like this happen and its just another story i can tell people haha. but ya we got home and i made her a banana cake and i cute little card and we took it to them, and when we got there i really didn't know if they were going to let us in. but they did and fran was super excited to see us. she told us that she was super cold and scared and she asked if we could show her video of baptism and we did and she started to get excited again. i dunno the conclusion that i came to is that heavenly father knows what he is doing and me and my comp really think that maybe it was to help the mum and give her time to follow the example her daughter is giving or something like that, but everything happens for a reason... i think and it was just a challenge she has to overcome and her fear of water too. and if she really has a strong testimony she will do it!!! so ya that was pretty much my week lots more happened but too much to write. that is kinda the key points!! i love you all so much and am always praying for you all have a great week!
besitos y abrasos!!
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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