Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #51 Miracles

wow!! what a week this week was nuts to be honest i don't think i will have time to write it all but i will write some of the things that happened. first off i thought this week would be a bit difficult just with vacation still and all but boy was a wrong.. so first off we have this investigator andres he was cool and way funny he is a doctor and he noticed my ankle and asked me what happened... i told him i was doing stupid thing and he was like.. things like nitro circus... i looked at him weird and was like have i told you???? told me what he asked?? and well he caught me... i was so shocked and just said he loves nitro so that was cool then we started to teach and he stopped us and said i like when you guys come by and teach me to be honest i thought mormons we weird and never really wanted to talk to one until you told me you like harry potter and that you dad is from nitro now i know you guys are normal but religious... and i like that. so that was kinda cool for me because i think its important for people to know you can believe in heavenly father and go to church and be a good person but you can still enjoy your life.

another story was there is this guy we pass by everyday and he has been working on the lady´s fence and we stop and talk for a bit but not much, but the other day we just stopped to talk for a bit and all of the sudden the poor guys starts confessing to us all of the sins he has done in his life and how he just feels the huge weight on him all the time and he doesn't know how to get rid of it. i told him that through the atonement he can be forgiven and that weight can be taken away from him and that he doesn't have to carry that weight alone. and he looks at me and says i try but then i fall again and then again and again and i just think that Christ is over it and if i keep falling hes not going to help me anymore.... i looked at him for a second and then asked him "mauricio, do you have kids" yes i said... " and if you kids make a mistake are you still going to accept them and help them when they fall..?, are you going to be waiting for them after then fall with you arms opened wide no matter how many times they fall?... he looked a me and just started to cry... my comp too and me tooo. and he looked at me and said "gracias" you really helped me today and you both have made my day. i don't know were that even came from but i could just feel the spirit so strong and i knew he could tooo and it was just really special, and it was a moment. we sent his direction out to the other missionaries so hopefully they pass by and help him more but it was a really special moment for me and it was just a testimony to me that the atonement is real and no matter how many times we fall our heavenly father is always going to be there for us with his arms wide open!

another story was that we had a lesson with paul and giovanna and they invited us to have dinner (oncĂ©) with them and after i went and grabbed my scriptures i didn't know exactly what to share and the scripture 3 nefi 18:19-21 ran through my head then i thought no... i looked at my comp and she said just open it up randomly and see what popped out so i just laid the book up and let it fall open and guess what it opened on? 3 nefi18:19-21!!! i was shocked for a second then i came back, well i guess I'm reading this one, i thought. and it was really good lesson. we invited them to pray together as a couple every night and giovanna really liked the idea so we´ll see what ends up happen this week. but that was a neat experience because wow i could feel the spirit working within me and i didn't trust it but thanks to my comp i had a second chance and think it was something they really needed. but ya lot more things happened this week but for now that's what I'm going to share. i feel so blessed to be a missionary right now and for my sector and my comp!! things are going really well and i am just loving. times going by fast so enjoy every moment right? good and bad!! but i love you all so much thank you so much for your support, love and prayers i can feel them everyday. have a great week and well talk to you guys next week.

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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