Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #59 Martha and Fran

 buen día a todos!! everything here in chile is going really well. we had a pretty good week... kinda slow because as you all know these crazy chileans have a vacation for the littlest things, so this weekend was día de los trabajadores... so everyone went out of town for the weekend, but we were still able to kick some butt and contacted a ton of new people which was awesome.

this week, we really focused a lot on martha and fran... o fransica... martha is the mum of fran and they both have been listening to the lessons. they are so cute! fran said she wants to be a missionary one day... awwww! so cute - she's only ten but she acts as if she is 20! it was awesome because they both came to church on Sunday!! AHH it was a miracle for me! at first i didn't see them and i was crushed, and then i looked back and there they were!! fran had her book of mormon and everything!! it was wonderful to see them in church! cool story, so we were walking around contacting and i was  over it because no body was listening, and i told hna orozco... let's say a prayer really quick. i prayed specifically... i asked that we could find a young man that could someday hold the priesthood and serve a mission. we were walking... first one we contacted, nothing... the second man we contacted was so cool and totally interesting and had tons of questions for us. his name is maxamiliano.... he is incredible!! heavenly father answers prayer, people!!

 i also got the chance finally to go to the temple on friday. we went me, hna adams, hna guevara and fanny!! it was so nice to go to the temple again!! i missed the temple so much and to be honest, i did not want to leave. i watched the new video finally, and it was awesome!! so much better then the old one and i felt like i understood so much, so much!! it was incredible how many things i actually understood this time!! i dunno if it was because my spanish was better then the last time, or i´ve studied so much the scriptures that everything makes sense. i dunno, but it was a special experience and fun to go with fanny. she was so excited!!  well, a lot more happened this week but that is the basics!! have such a great week!! always praying for you all! Les Amo un monton!!
> Con mucho amor,
> hermana godfrey

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