Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #48 Officially One Year!!

ok so this week i officially hit my year mark!!! what?¡?¡ so crazy i cant believe time is going by so fast!! sounds like everything went super super well at the Salt Lake show i am so glad and so stoked for all the boys i know they just killed it!!!
so this week was a bit of a long week again but it was good we walk a ton. but we found a new investigator that is incredible and she is 18 and was so excited when we had come over and was super interested so that was really nice to find someone who was interested we invited her to church but she could make it. so we have a cita with her this week so fingers crossed. we also had a lesson with giouanna and paul and they are amazing i love them so much they are just to people prepared and i am just praying that things will continue to go well. with them they are serious some of the greatest people i have ever met and giouanna is very very smart and know her stuff when i comes to the bible so we have to go in very prepared. but im just in love with them so much. we have just been working our butts off trying to find people and teach people. today i was with hna guevara and she told me that everything in los platanos is going really well and that milagros wants to get baptized so that was really good news to hear. i guess planting the seeds does have its benefits!! but things are great hna orozco is such a hard worker and i love it. we come home every night "muerto" and we are really just working our butts off i don't think i´ve ever felt so tired in all my life. but things are good! I'm really just trying to loose myself in the work for these last 5 months!! thanks for everything i love you all so so much i could do this with out your support!! con

mucho amor,
hermana megs godfrey

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