Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #47 Up The Mountain We Go!

as for my week it was really good we walked a ton a ton a ton and sweated a ton too... this sector is kickin my butt... haha but i love it. as for alejandra we couldn't find her this week with vacation and stuff everyone is so so busy its been a bit ruff.. but i know things are going to come around. this week a lot of amazing things happened and i dont think i have the time to write it all down so ill write a few on sunday we had to wake up early to got to ward consel... and at 8am the bishop come up to me and ask hna godfrey can you give a talk in church today i looked at his shocked "enserio" (seriously) i said yes he said ok so all during ward consul i was looking up scriptures and trying to perpare my talk... and at 9am started church and was freakin out spanish in front of everyone im not good in a big group of people... what but time came i got up and i gave the talk to be completely honest i dont remember a think that i said but everyone said it was good (of course their not gonna tell me it was bad..) but i had a few people come up and ask me if i really was from the states being my spanish was good and that i didnt have an accent... that made me really happy hehhee. but ya then yesterday was quite a day i was stressing out because we haddnt gotten into many house this week and so in a moment i pray and asked HF that we could get into house and have a good day with success... so we hiked up the mnt. and contacted a ref. his name is david and hes great we taught him lesson one and i felt so good to get into someones house and actually have a sit down lesson.. i could feel the spirit and we invited him to read, pray, and find out for himself if these things are true. then we decided to go and contacted a man we contacted from haiti like 3 days ago... we get to his house and its like 930 at night his girl friend sticks her head out and to be honest i thought oh no... but then she came out and invited us in i was kinda shocked... but we got in and started talking about god and the role he plays in both there lives oh their names are paul, y giouanna. paul then told us he wanted to learn about jose smith bueno we both tought and we started teaching lesson one it was one of the best lessons i think i have had in the mission. i could feel the spirit so strong and when i said the first vision i was like an out of body expierence i could feel my lips moving and words falling out of my mouth but my head was thinking "what the heck your lips are moving" i dont what happen exactly or how to really explain it but i could feel in the moment that the spirit was using me and that it was me teaching but it was him. i left that lesson feel so full of the spirit and stressed becasue we were late and had to run to the pincion... haha but it really was such a special expierence and to see how we really can be used as tool for our heavenly father to teach his children. we invited them to read an pray as well giouanna is super super smart and has a really good bible background but they invited us back so prayers. haha i really fell in love with these too. so well see what happens. i feel so blessed to be a tool in my heavenly fathers work. i feel blessed to be a missionary in this time and to be able to serve him and his children. i love the mision i cant believe how fast time goes. i love my family so much and hope you all know that. hehe. have a great week and well talk next week. always praying for you all. con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

Photos Week #46

My New Sector in Lo Canas
A little sunburn
Dirt Jumps!

Week #46 Abrasos Para Año Nuevo

so my week this week... let's see it was a long week so everyone here is on summer vacation so like half of our investigadores left to go on vacation... haha 
so this week was a lot a lot of walk in the hot hot sun i burned, got some more blisters to add the the collection. and my comp almost passed out haha it was an excited week to be honest i was loving it... sometimes. my poor comp was just dying with the heat and we really probably enters 3 houses the whole week but that's ok its part of the mission we have weeks like that hahaha. and oh one of the funnest things happened this week actually a lot of funny weird things happened this week but one that is pretty funny. it sat down on a curb in the street my comp needed a min. so i was looking through my agenda and all of a sudden these two dogs come running out (they looked like the dogs from coraline) and one ran behind me and started sniffing around i looked at my comp who was sitting right next to me she looked at me and then at the dog behind me and started laughing... oh no, i thought you have got to be kidding me i jumped up as fast as i could i felt my back and sure enough the freakin dog had peed all over me... oh my gosh it was awful but so funny at the same time we couldn't help but laugh our head off... especially with a little heat stroke in there it was 10 times funnier.. haha 

but ya so as for lessons we had a really good lesson with a menos activo who basically doesn't know anything about the church but he wants to come back we talked a lot about the plan of salvation and he told us he never had thought of life like that before and it really was a good lesson i could feel the spirit pretty strongly. we then also had a lesson with alejandra, pablos wife. we invited her to pray about being baptized on the 12 so hopefully hopefully things will work out. oh it was really neat so this week was fast sunday right so we wrote down on a piece of paper name of everyone we wanted to focus on and then what we wanted to work on as comps and we started the fast one of the things we asked for was to find people who really were interested in our message and people that could progress. so yesterday during the day we found 10 new investigators i was SHOCKED... (that's good here) my testimony grew so much so much in fasting and its not the first time remember gerardo... (who ran up to us in los platanos and was going to kill himself. that was cause we fasted to find someone) i believe so much in fast and its so instant and so powerful... and i can still now see the things we were fasting for working out.. if we have the faith that things will happen i know heavenly father will make it happen and fasting is showing your faith... especially when its 37 degrees  C out and you don't drinking we were showing our faith that if we gave a little he would give a lot i can see those blessings happening and my testimony has grown so much in this last day. so never give up when times get hard turn to the lord he is here to help us and if we give a little he will give 10 times back. i love you all so much and how you guys are having a blast traveling the states for nitro please everyone be safe!! love you all so much. have a great week.

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey 

Photos Week #45

Another Baptism that I wouldn't tell my family about!!

Week #45 So Fun To Talk To You!!

i cant believe you guys are in hawaii haha that was a fun surprise, i bet. haha enjoy the sun mum i know you are loving it. haha.  ill see what i can do about coming home 2 weeks early but i doubt it .I will ask my president but if i did i would actually end up coming home one transfer early so that would be in may and i kinda want to finish till the end too. but we'll see what i can do. but yes i love love love the lake powell idea i think that would be really fun. 
well this was a different christmas but i really quite enjoyed it. we had like 2 lunches and 2 dinners the 24th and i thought i was going to throw up... but it was fun to see how chileanas have their christmas and just enjoy the holidays and i think the best part of it all was being able to talk to you guys! it was so fun to see everyone and just talk and laugh. it really felt like i was in a dream but i was the best present i could ever ask for. 
as for this week, we had a cool story that happened last week i forgot to tell, but my first day here in my new sector. we went to visit a recent convert. and he wasnt there so the next day we went to see him again and his wife was there and she was balling, so what happened is that he was put in jail for crimes he had comited 2 years ago, and some other things that happened that were a bit complicated... so he was told he was going to be put in jail for 30 years and there is absolutely nothing you can do here in Chile but maybe cut down his years to 15 but that's about it. and his wife was just a wreck trying to think what she was going to do with her kids and without her husband we told here we were going to pray and that everything will work out. for some reason i felt really calm like everything was going to be ok. so we spent the whole day praying for pablo and the next day she called us and told us that he was set free and all of his past charges were wiped away!!!... wow i couldn't believe it!!!. so we went to visit them the next day and pablo was just in awe. he told us that he knows that if he was not baptized the day before, he would be in prison right now and that he has learned a lot to put his confidence in god and that he is not going to miss one day of church or activities because he know that god saved him from being put in prison. so we talked to him for about 1 hour and talked about how merciful god is and how he is so smart and has everything planned out exactly for us, and we need to only put our confidence in him... and how in the end things end  up being 10 times better then they were. it was a neat expirence and opened up the door so that we are now teaching his wife alejandra!! they are a great family, i really like them a lot. so hopefully we can help this family become an eternal family. that is my goal!! haha but ya this week was a good we and just enjoying the fireworks they set off everyday until año nuevo. but i love you all so much i hope you all have a great week, and a happy new year. 
oxoxo les amo,
hermana godfrey

Photos Week #44

My New Roomies in Lo Canas

Blisters :(

Merry Christmas To Kynlie in Russia!!

And a Feliz Navidad from Chile!

Week #44 Feliz Navidad!!!

Wow i cant believe its christmas weekend!! this will for sure be a different christmas but im ok with that!! we have been invited to a few people's homes - investigators! so that should be fun. as for my new sector i like it a lot... it's got parts that are pretty rich and others that are pretty poor so we´ve got it all. my comp is awesome and a really really hard worker which i love. we are working really hard together i come home exhausted and next thing you know its morning time. our sector is up the side of the mountain the andes and so its like hiking everyday through our sector i´ve been burned like a lobster from the heat here and blisters like crazy but i am seriously loving it so much. the investigators we have are amazing and i am already in love with them and i´ve known them one week. im really excited to work in the area and with my new comp. i have a lot to tell you guys about new investiagodores and im just SO EXCITED to talk to you guys in 2 days!! i think this is the best christmas present i have ever gotten in all my life!! i miss you guys tons and i hope you all have a great great christmas in the snow and i will enjoy the burning heat here in chile hehe. ill talk to you in 2days ahhhhhh!!
les amo!!

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

Week #43 Photos

Fanny and her family

David close as I ever got to meeting him!  Sorry mom!

Saying goodbye is hard
So Chileans...they don't like to smile for photos...

...And More Goodbyes

My District

Week #43 Transfers!

well i was transfers this week and i am transferred i got transferred for a new area really really close to the andes mnts. its called Lo Cañas... it was weird to be in a different sector i feel like I'm in a dream my new comp. is hermana orozco she is from Utah but her parents are both mexican so she speaks english and spanish but we only speak in spanish... i need to practice. she great tho a bit shy but its all good ill probably have more information for next week. 
i think the hardest thing this week was saying goodbye to everyone in los platanos.. we spend the last to day running to everyone's houses to say goodbye and didn't even have lunch on sunday. but i had to bare my testimony on sunday in church it was hard i love los platanos so much its my home away from home. i think the hardest was saying goodbye to the investigators. but now im here in a new sector and i guess its were i need to be now. 
oh there was a christmas concert this week too you have too look it up on chile christmas concert guess who was there mum ..... david archuleta hehe. but it was so good my mission leader sang a solo too. i was so fun we got to go and it was an absolute blast we brought lana with us tooo. i was hard to say goodbye to her she started to cry i did too of course... well nothing too exciting but ill let you all know how much new sector is and comp. so more information next week. have a fantastic week love you all so much ill see you faces in one week ahhhh. 

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

Photos Week #42

Making Lemon Pie

Looks a bit like Italy!
Nativity at the Santiago Temple

Our Christmas Tree!!

The Mall is all decorated for Christmas

Week #42 Thanksgiving in Chile

glad to hear you all had a great thanksgiving and a good time riding. and glad to hear all the boys are doing well for the most part hehe and that chan is home safe. now it's time to get ready for christmas right? this will be a weird christmas this year because it like 100 degrees here dying of heat. but that's ok, its the experience. so fun to hear Kyn's letters... hehe it reminds me when i was in the MTC so nervous about our investigators, language, the gross food. haha the crazy roller coaster of emotions. but it really i think is one of the only places in my entire life i have felt the spirit so strong. no? looking back i really did love the MTC.

this week was a pretty good week... nothing too exciting happened, i woke up the other day with a not in my neck the size of a golf ping pong ball...haha i think its stress. it was kinda funny tho. so president was telling us a story the other day about these two elders. so he gets a call from these elders phones and a women answer president was scared to death it was a member and she said that the elders were acting really weird he asked her to pay a taxi to take them back to their pincion. well he called the other elders they lived with and those elder said ya they were acting really weird one was passed out on his bed and the other was bouncing all over the place doing push up and chanting at the top of his voice and repeating what anyone said. the next day president call them and the elder said that they were so tristy the day before and everywhere was closed so they bought mote... (typical chilean drink) from the side of the road well.. it was fermented... so these to elders were completely wasted... hahahah i was laughing so hard and so was president can you imagine. pretty funny.
ok so we had a really good lesson with pedro this week he so funny i really love this man to death.. me and him have a very blunt relacionship so i asked him what are your doubts and he asked it was interesting to me because hes changing... the doubts he had about 2 months ago he doesn't have anymore i can see him growing so i told  him our coming to church tomorrow right, right he told me and your tithing your paying your tithing right?? right he told me? so the best thing to see was to see pedro in church yesterday with his tithing slip all filled  out. he came up and said see i told you i would come. i smiled. my goal is that he can enter the temple with his wife in the next 6 months, i know he can do it. we are just working with everyone milagros we invited her to be baptized but she said shes been baptized and only needs one.... frustrating but she came to church this sunday so and we asked her to pray about her baptism so well see lots of prays. but ya that's about it this week. Loving the mission and loving the people I'm teaching. and i know this church is true. i hope you guys all have a great week. i love and miss you all so much!! oxoxo

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

Week #41 Photos

I always love the kids!!

Babysitting :)