Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #53 Temblores!

ok so this week? um, lots of things happened and to be honest its all kinda a blur... but it was a good week! its so nice to have everyone home from vacations, and all the kids are in school so everyone is in their schedules so it makes things a bit more easier for us. but ok lets see, oh ya we took paul y giovanna to the temple on saturday and the spirit was so so so strong. i was basically choking back tears the whole time.. i knew they could feel it, paul more then anyone... and it was really beautiful. giovanna is a bit more hard headed. she has a hard time believing in prophets. but i dunno, i know she could feel the spirit and she could feel something special. these two seriously are so special to me. i love them so much and i just have such high hopes for them. this week really was a good week with investigators and I'm just praying that we can get some of these people to commit. chileans are so nice and invite us in and are really good for talking... they can talk your ear off but when i comes to committing... that's were they freak out so I'm going to try and focus on getting these investigators to commit, this next week.

we had a lesson this week to with a new investigator called Dinka... she is a cute, younger girl and she was telling us that she has been addicted to drugs for 15 years and basically has lost everything.. shes has been sober for 3 months now and wants to change her life. we taught in the restoration and the god loves her on the front of the pamphlet that we use there is a picture of Christ with a little lamb. it told her she was this lamb and the Christ was holding her in his arms and is there for her and that she has found the right path she needs to take.. she loved it.. she said she wants to come to church but is on lock down for 6 to 8 months so we going to continue to visit her and will see how it all goes.
oh ya this week in chile was a bit crazy because there has been like 40 temblores(there like little earthquakes) in like 15 mins and on weds. there was a huge temblore that i honestly didn't think was going to stop!! it was exciting for me :) the whole apartment was shaking like crazy and i was like watching and then it stopped and i just fell back asleep, but everyone here is kinda freaking out about it its was a 5.8. kinda cool i thought haha. but ya that was my week! so exciting but it was a good week... we had lots of good lessons and good experiences. life's good and just enjoy every moment. love you all so much have a great week. thanks always for all your support love and prayers i can sure feel them.
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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