Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

100 Degrees here in Chile... Week #49

so this week was a good week im so glad everything when well with the nitro tour and for the most part everyone is ok hehe. sounds like it was a lot of fun.

as for this week kinda long crazy week it is so so bloody hot here is sweating like a crazy person... sorry kinda gross but ya so hot and we walk around all day because well everyone is still on vacation until the middle of march. so ya but were working hard: hot, cold, rain, snow we work our butts off. lets see the other day we contacted a murderer, that was fun... he had just gotten out of prison for killing 3 people. i asked him if he liked the way he was living his life, he said yes i choose this life. im a bad person and always will be. i told him he could change if he wanted too... just depended on him. he then asked me, "do you think god will forgive me for killing 3 people?" i said i dunno that's between you and god.. he looked at me "what if it was one of your family members that i killed would you still be telling me this" it was a bit creepy, not going to lie. i thought at one point he was going to pull a gun out on us... he told us the street is the best school you can have... a prison is Harvard... at the end we said a prayer with him and he accepted our tarjeta we gave him and thanked us for giving him the time of day... after i realized i had been the only one that was talking... we were with a recent convert that was helping us with lesson and my comp of course i looked at both of them after my comps face was white and she looked like she was about ready to run of screaming and the converso who was with said well that was freaky... i didn't really realize how dangerous that was until after but it went well i thought.

second we had a really good lesson with giouanna she is amazing i love her so much she is perfect she just doesn't believe in the bom yet... she doesn't drink, or smoke never has and believes a ton in god and is really really smart. she knows her stuff.. i hope so bad we can help her become one more member mas!!
then in church on sunday we had a really really good lesson i absolutely love it was on what are those things we have done to bring us closer to god? and then she talked about a phase from an apostle... the phrase was  "i gave it to you because i knew that you could love them, without the importance of what they´ve done"... those challenges that come into our lives sometimes we think why me why is this happen to me but god gives it to us cause he know we can do it and when there are people involved it because he know we can love this people know matter what they have done... i know its kinda hard to explain through email but i loved it so much it made me think of the investigators i have that are driving me nuts because there never home or they don't do what we ask but they were put in my path because HF knew i could love them no matter what. there are challenges and people put in our path because god knows we can love these people no important what they have done to us.. or to others. well that's my thought of the week. love all that come in your way. i love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all your support!! have a great week. les amo
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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