Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #60, A Mother's Day Chat

Familia it was so good to talk you all on sunday!! it seriously is this best thing in the world to talk too the fam out here in the mission. and it just made me realize that i have the best family in the world my comps even said you guys are all awesome. i just told them, "ya i know" haha. but you guys are the best!! thanks so much for just being the best all of you.

i can't believe we were talking about when i get home!  only 8 weeks left that is nothing.. I'm freaking out but excited and sad and just lots of things going through my head. but ya.  as i told you this week was a bit ruff walking a lot and stuff and not getting into many houses, but that isn't going to hold us back and I know we have a great week ahead of us. it already started out really well. so today for pday we went to this little china store, like china town kinda and when we got on the micro(bus) wilberdani was sitting there (paul y giovannas) and we invited her to come with us to an actividad we have on friday... and she said she wanted to come and was super excited to come!! wahoo!! I'm so stoked! she is such a sweet heart. so I'm excited... this week is going to be chuck full with things to do so im excited... 

lets see what else happened this week? oh i think i told you martha and fransica came to church they are amazing and i think they really like church. and we had a really good noche de hogar with lorena and we are going to take her to the temple this week and put the meta(goal) with her that in one year she can enter to do her endowments!! wahoo!!! she is awesome, i love her. but my motto for this week perseveras hasta el fin.... endure to the end!! I'm coming close to the end! i cant believe it and this is not the time to give up but to push until the very end of my that is my invitation for all of you guys too.. whatever you are doing school, work, life don't give up until you are done. and the church especially we all need to be going, going, going and growing for the church and enduring to end so that we all can be with heavenly father again one day!! that is our goal right? la vida eterna... eternal life!!  i love you all so much! so fun to talk to you all, always praying for you guys!! love you tons!
con amor,
hermana godfrey

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