Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #36 An Awesome Week!!

hola a todos!!

Sounds like you guys had a blast at snowbird! i loved the picture of the whole family!! i can't believe how big everyone looks!! i sure am a bit bummed i missed out on that one, but next year :) haha

so this week? hum... it was a really good week me and my comp did something pretty funny. we made goals, that if we didn't complete our goals this week then i would have to dye my hair black and she would have to dye hers blond. well obviously we didn't want to do that, so it was cool because we ended up keeping our goals, but not even keeping them we ended up passing them up!!! so this week we are trying to think of another competition we can do... hehe it was pretty funny. we ended up working really hard and we found 6 new people to teach this week!  fingers crossed they will stay interested haha. my comp is great, we are really getting along great. its so funny, she calls me "mom" (because in the mission im her mom) haha so cute.

so this week we took one of our investigators to the temple and she loved it, and it was a really neat experience and the spirit was so strong, especially when we entered into just the entrance of the temple... and i bore my testimony about the temple and how much it has blessed my life, and just being in there and testifying of my testimony of the temple, it was incredible... and she said she felt so peaceful inside and it just was a testimony to me on how powerful temples are and how inside the temple our families can be sealed for time and eternity. I love the temple!!

we also had divisions this week and it was fun to get out and see another sector for a little bit. i was so proud of my comp because she had to guide the sector all by herself and she did a great job, which makes me feel good, because i kinda am training her right :) haha. but she's great and its not to hard to pick up on what you need to do to be a missionary. but time is going by fast and i am half way through!! so weird. but ya we are just working our butts off and looking and looking for people to teach!! there are so many crazy people here, but i love it!! i have a lot of crazy amigos who are always standing on the corners of the streets and love talking to us, but a lot of them aren't to right in the head but its fun i love it. well that's about it for my week!! sorry, it's a bit boring but i love you all so much and miss you all tons talk to you next week.
con mucho amor,
your lil missionary.

And then she sends this at the end of the letter as if it's an afterthought…so much for a boring week!!

So the big new this week is that well we had a baptism well it really was a ward effort baptism, but it was so special and just to see how happy she was. it was so funny because she told us that she didn't want the day to end she wanted to live this day forever. i told her she needed to write her feelings down because she's going to forget and whenever she is having a bad day she can look back and read how she felt!! she is so adorable tho, i love her so much!! she, at the end, told us thanks for being her missionaries and that just sunk so deep into my heart!! i love being a missionary and the best part is to watch people change and not have a desire to smoke or do the things they use to do. and i think the best part was when we went to see her that night, she was just glowing, she had a light with her and she was a different person. so beautiful!! i cant explain it in words but the spirit was so strong and i am just so happy for her.

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