Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #32 Chilean Holidays

hola everyone,

that's so fun you guys are off to cali tell everyone i say hi. so cool the boys get to have the experience to go you europe. so awesome im so excited for them. Em is still preggi i thought for sure she was going to have it this week but hopefully this next week. crazy that people are coming home so soon blake especially blows my mind. 2 weeks. time goes by so fast i actually have 8 months in the mission today. crazy right. we need to make the best of every moment i´ve decided because time goes by so fast.

wow this week what do i say it was a bit of a difficult one with it being the holidays here i was really hard to have lessons this week. but we kept fighting and we had a great day yesterday. so it was interesting because 11 of september here in chile is super dangerous. its a time when there was a huge outrage here and killed the president of chile. so people go crazy on this day remembering all that happened they light be bonfires in the streets like every block they burn buses and practically everyone has a gun. so president said we had to go in early that day i remember looked out the window and we could just see tons of black smoke in the air and we could just hear gun shots all night long.. of course i was eating it up the whole time. on they also cut the electricity so we were walking around the pincion with candles i loved it... i was crazy tho because there was not a car on the road and you could hear a pin drop because everyone was in the houses hiding. in a big city imagine not a sound. it was crazy i loved it.. hehe. but ya that day was very interesting. as for our lessons i was so weird because the other day we went to see on of our menos activos and she was busy so she said come back in two days. we then went by two days later and her house was gone like completely gone... i remember looking at the dirt wondering if we were on the right street but it was so weird her house was just gone and her to i could have been in a movie. but ya we don't know what happened to her haha. weird experience. Yesterday we had 2 noche de hogar and we found a new family really really great and we had a lesson with a part family i will never forget. so we went to visit the part family and i remember turning to my comp are you going to share the message or am i she said you do it... i had not idea what i was going to share so we start the lesson and i opened my scriptures up and one scripture popped into my head not thinking much about it. i read 3 nephi 18:21 pray as a family. i read it and the mom and dad just loved it and started to tell me how they have just felt lately that there family is really separated and they didn't know what to do and that this was an answer to there prayers. i then told them how we as a family would pray every night as a family and bared my testimony on how much it strengthened our family and they then told us were going to do it. i then said bueno that get we wanted to invited you guys to do that has a family but seeing that you have already made the decision perfect hehe. it was such a cool experience for me because i really felt lead by the spirit and i didn't even know in that moment until they don't me that that is exactly what they needed to hear. so i was really neat. we then had an experience with noche de hogar and i told two of the young kids that they get to be the missionaries and that they are going to teach us a lesson (there both future missionary too) the girl did really well wow she is going to be an incredible missionary the boy nicholas was a bit different nervous didn't know what to say  he then looked at me and said im embarrassed im embarrassed.. not just know but always with my friends i don't what anyone to know that i am mormon.. i told him that it happens to everyone and that it is normal but who cares what others think who care what your friends think... the only opinion important in this life is what god thinks of us and i told him in 2 year this friends what even matter anymore, i also shared experiences and my comp too. it was a cool experience for me to see that he trusted us so much.. we said all that we could and hopefully he will really think about what is more important in this life. but ya that was about our week we have changes this week too. well see what happens. well i love you all so much and i hope you have a great week!! so much love from here in chile.
con amor,
your lil missionary

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