Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013


¡¡¡¡¡WHAT!!!! i have a new baby cousin wow i cannot believe that there is a new person in our family how crazy is that! he looks so cute im in shock i cannot believe it!! congratulations to Em and Brent please give them a big hug for me and the baby!! super crazy and so awesome congrats congrats!!!
sounds like it was quite the week as well with the boys in pala im glad no one was hurt. made me thing about the last time we were all there next time ill be there flipping with the boys hehe!! but what an experience the boys have so awesome!! giver hell right! haha

18 de septiembre is the Independence day here in Chile!! i was quite a week a bit hard for us missionaries because everyone was celebrating but thats not important. but it really was such a great we they had an activity in the church with games and the classical chilean food "empanadas, y mote" and everyone was dance the typical chilean dance "la cueca" i was really fun and cool to see the culture of chile i´ve decided when i get home i want to take salsa lesson also. hehe im an idiot!! haha but this week was good we had family night with lana la russia and it was really good and then we had a lesson with andrea and we are going to put a date for her and her boyfriend to get married in was kinda a cool experience because the other day we were talking with andrea and her little boy comes in and says " mis padres van a casar" (my parents are going to get married) i sat there in shock and i took a second  for it to register but when i finally did me and my comp and the same time said "que" (what) and they told us they have been thinking about it i will seriously cry my eyes out when this couple gets married!! This was neat to because i was praying a lot that i could feel the spirit more and i just found myself all week so happy and i just felt this warm feeling in my heart all week and i was thinking about i today and it hit me that i have just been feeling the spirit all week long and the love heavenly father has for me I really just felt so happy and the thing that normally would have bothered me like door slammed in my face or someone who didnt want anything to do with i could just look at them with love. its not that i never did it just it was a lot more powerful this week and i feel so grateful for the holy ghost and how the simplest thing like my experience this we he is there for us. i found it a lot easier this week also to know who i needed to contact and what i needed to say in situation i normally wouldn't know what to say. I was a really neat experience this week for me i know heavenly father loves each and everyone one of us and i really feel like i have a purpose here in los platanos i will have 10 month in the sector when we have the next changes... crazy but i love it, love it, love it. every change is different. so that's good!! well that's about it for this we im sorry it wasn't much more exciting like last week but there you go!! i hope you all have a wonderful week i love you all so much and miss you crap out of you all!! its getting warmer here finally!! hehe
Con mucho amor,
your lil missionary.

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