Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #30 Ahhh, Chile!

ok so this week was good it been a lot of work just trying to find people to teach i dont think i`ve ever been so tired in all my mission and thats a good thing!! we´ve just been looking looking looking and it has definitely been a trial of faith for me but everything is in the time of our heavenly father sometimes its hard to remember but if we but our faith in him things will work out we ended up finding 1 family nuevo who are from cuba... dont like americans and dont believe in god, im excited to teach them really!! also 2 hermanas nuevo so we are just working with them right now. one of the hermanas is a nana for an old man and cannot leave the house ever she has to running to the grocery story to buy food for him but she is really is the sweetest thing ever and is interested and listens to what we have to say. we are also teaching a 21 year old girl whos whole family of her husband are members him as well there not married and she smokes a lot a lot like 3 packs a day and not because she is addicted (which im sure she is too) but because she likes to smoke. and shes not married, so we are working with her and i have a really good feeling about her it will be a lot of work but we`re both up for the challenge! her boyfriend the menos activo actually came to church this sunday which was amazing, so little by little! as for my comp everything is going great we are working together and she has such a strong testimony she doesnt have anything in her house we actually had a noche de hogar the other night and we talked about the importance of families it was such a beautiful night the spirit was so strong but hna guevara told her story of her life how about 3 years a go her dad was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and was put in jail and the police took her house her car took everything and the only thing she had with her was her family and a little mud hut for a house, and she couldnt leave for the mision till know because she was trying to support her family well you can imagine when she told that story we were all balling. it was such a special night i will never for get, it also made me think how very blessed i am all the things i have in my life and how quickly everything can be taken away from us and the most important thing in like world is the bond we have as families, because in the end that what will be with us not our nice car not our huge house or our millions of dollars just the family we have and our testimonies for the gospel. as for the sector me and hna adams have been talking about how we can change things up because knocking doors doesnt really get us anywhere so we came up with the idea of english classes in the church at night and also setting a specific day that we can bring investigators to members houses to for un noche de hogar. we are just trying something new because well we need to spice things up a bit. me and my comp our such doors in the street throwing things at each other and always laughing i think it changes the way people look at us life is happy way not smile and laugh all the time it was actually kinda cool because we were walking and we passed this guy and he was just looking down and scowling and he looked up at us and we were laughing and he started to smile this huge smile on his face, and i was cool to see that we could change the mood of the man with the example of us. oh ya we are also trying to reactivate this family who were baptized like 20 years ago and they are awesome the old lady looks like the queen from alice in wonderland. hehe but she said she always use to hind from the missionaries when they would come by but with us she let us in!!! so we are working with them and they are so so great!! well that was about my week and ya!! oh ya benita we didn't see her at alll this week because she was working not gonna lie i was so ready to just stop seeing her (we all know i couldnt have really done it) but then sunday she came to church and she stayed the whole 3 hours miracle it really was a miracle!! oh funny story for the week this week we had a lesson with an investigator that practically lives in a house like our old tree house in the back yard im not even kidding its nothing.. but we had a lesson with her and we were reading in eter 12 and i was reading and i said genitals instead of gentiles and i looked a my comp and with both starting dying of laughter im and idiot i just kept think im poor menos activo, i dunno its one story nobody will ever let me live down oh and her 11 year old boy is in love with me and whats me to come back and marry him kind freaky ya... but ya some fun stories.
as for you guys im glad you made it back to utah finally and safe and jet lagged not gonna lie that sounded so miserable poor things!! and kyn i cant believe she´s been passing out hopefully everything ends up being ok! especially for the mission your really need to be in good health to be out her also because you just destroy your body out here being tired walking all day.. a missionary needs to have good health and strength i will definitely be praying for her. as for the mail i still think its down they say that if you send things through UPS that we can get it because its just correo de chile that is done so stupid!! im frustrated with the mail right now. thats crazy nick is home i cant believe that and that em is going to have her baby soon ahhhh so nuts im so happy for her and brent. and all the mision calls that people are getting so nuts!! and so incredible the lords army coming out her to fight the war. well thats about it for my week!! i hope you guys all have a great week and i hope you all know how much i love you and miss you all!! Te amo mucho!
your lil misionary

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