Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #34 An Attack and a Golden Investigator!

ok so this week you guys are all going to be up in snowbird ahhh im so excited you guys are going this year!! one of my favorite traditions we have.

FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS GRANDMA POPCORN!!! I love you grams hope you have a great birthday.

bueno this week hum what happen its crazy because time is going by so fast i cannot believe it is already oct. ¿WHAT? so this week we had some interesting experience we found this new family and i was so so so excited because i just felt think they were going to be new investigator and we are sitting in there house talking and it was super great she was so nice and sweet we then asked her about the church and she just started to attack us you guys are liars how can i believe that some man who had no education could have written some book and if i pray i can now if its true liers i went to your guys church for 7 months and i don't believe a word you guys say and testimony sunday what a joke and just went on and on and on i thougtht to my self what can i do, testify so i did and it was just more for her to use against me so we listen to her chew us out told her thanks invited her to church again and left it sucked to be hear all those things but it didn't fase me much because theres people who are like that and i just smiled at her and left her house happily there was nothing we could have done but i know what this gospel has done for me in my life and i know for myself it is true and it that moment i realized when people talk to us like that i actually strengthens my testimony of this gospel and i feel sorry for them because i know that this gospel can change there lives. i think were going to stop by again tho to try and talk to her daughter i felt something really strong with her daughter so we`ll see what happens with that. we had a really neat experience last night first one of a incomplete families the mom paulina is progressing so much she is reading the bom every night and she loves it she says i read it and  i know its true she is amazing unfortunately for her boyfriend practically husband she cant get baptized till she is married to him and his is still married to his other wife. but they have to goal to get married this next year and she told us she knows its true and she wants to get baptized. I am so happy for and i know the day will come.
anyways last night was a neat experience because our mission leader called us and told us i have some really good new one of his good friends texted him and said i want to get baptized. so we had a lesson last night us  4 sister missionary and her friends (shes single, and has been listen to the missionaries for almost 2 years) the lesson was so powerful and bore my testimony to her and the whole room was crying (me also) i could feel this spirit working so strongly inside and to tell you the truth im not sure exactly what i said but it was incredible we then invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! i was so crazy how the spirit just completely took over the lesson and with 4 missionaries it was incredible so this week she is going to not smoke and then she will be baptised we promised her that if she only smokes one cigarette today and a half tomorrow that no more will she smoke again. (she has been smoking all her life). i was such an amazing experience i cant even explain it in words but it definitely market a moment year for me in my mission.
well ya that is about it for me this week! i hope you guys all have a great week and enjoy snowbird and conference, we will be watching it at the same time haha. I love you all so much and miss you tons!! Les Quiero
Con amor
your lil misionary

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