Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #31 The Mail Is Working!!

hola familia y amigos

first want to start off saying that the mail is working and i got your package mum thank you so much i loved everything inside it was perfect. mum i dunno if you should send the ring gram gave me if it gets lost that would suck plus i cant wear things like that in my sector, and i the mission i dunno think i will so just save it till i get home, thank you tho. em is going to have her baby that is so crazy i cant believe it. and gav.. that's crazy hopefully nothing happens finger crossed. but glad to here everyone is doing pretty good.

has for my week this month here in chile is one the craziest months of the whole year its their day of independence and chileans are very very very proud of their country so its like a month long thing. its so cool tho i love to see the culture and everything the have a dance here well like all south america but its called the quaka and it a typical dance everyone has been dancing a ton this month. we had a stake activity and all the young men and women dance typical dances from different parts of chile it was so rad i loved it. as for work this week it was a bit difficult with it being a holiday not many people opened there doors for us but we kept working... we have a new investigator i dunno if i`ve talked about her yet but she is great she is 21 years old and has 2 kids and her boyfriends is a menos activo so we have been working with them a lot we has her if she would try to stop smoking and she is really trying, this week we had a lesson about marriage and way they don't want to get married... she said she doesnt need a paper to say that she loves someone and wants to be with someone... i then asked her if she wants to be married for eternity she told me yes, so we are working with them so that they will get married lots of prays and hope that these to can make the decision to get married. they are so great tho i love them. as for benita she was confirmed on sunday as an official member of the church we saw her the tuesday after she was baptized and she was a different person i told her i dont think i have ever seen her so happy. she told us that she is so happy and her life changed after she came out of the water. it was such a neat experience for me to see how much one decision can change someones life so much, and in two days. but sunday she came straight from work and her hands were all purple and she was so tired i felt so bad for her but she came because she knew it was important. it was a great week tho we didnt have a ton of lessons but the lessons we did have the spirit was so strong and some of the best lessons i've had. things are coming alone really well here in los platanos. i feel so blessed to have the chance to work in this sector. and here in chile the mission is amazing and has changed my life, and has changes the relationship i now have with my heavenly father. i love you guys all so much and i hope you have a fantastic week and everything goes well!!
te amo mucho,
your lil missionary

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