Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #25 Viaje Hawaii

hola a todos!! hehe who know who my mum is sending this all too hehe but i hope you enjoy!!
sound like it was a pretty normal week in summer for you guys this week!! thanks for taking a surfing run for me i sure did love it! hehe i cant wait to see the boat tho, in like a year or something like that. but so glad to hear all is well.

well, this week went back so freakin fast for me, lets see I'm trying to remember what happened. oh we found a new investigator that is un joven se llama isaac he is great and he is obsessed with nitro circus haha he is great tho but we don't quite know what his true intentions are yet. but well see. he likes when we visit so that's good right!! hehe well benita, everything is good now with her and florencia wahooo i dunno what exactly happen but we visited them and she said all is good! i kinda knew things were going to work out!! we were really excited to hear that and it was pretty cool because this week we had an actividad in the capilla (church) called viaje hawaii and we did this whole set up were everyone was invited to go on a trip to "hawaii" so we set up a fake plane behind the stage in the church building and so what happen is everyone had a ticket to go to Hawaii, then everyone loaded onto the plane. during the flight something happens to the plane so we have to take a quick pit stop in some place in this place there are activities the everyone can do but you have to use you coupons but if you do activities buena they don't take you coupons but if you do activities not so great they take you coupons! (this is all set up like if you go to the disco instead of church for example) then everyone load back on the plane and the plane "crashes" and everyone dies then they walk passed 3 places: one is paradise the other is hell, then there is the 3 kingdoms of glory. and so depending on how many coupons you have left determined what kingdom you get to enter... and at the very end all of us missionaries were dressed up as angels in the celestial kingdom. it was a really neat and fun way to explain the plan of salvation. and benita and florencia and her 2 friends came! it was such a fun and creative way to learn i loved it so much!! i think benita did to!!  i dunno if that made any sense but it was beautiful!!

sunday our president of the mission came to church and gave a talk. well, the bishop called me up to bear my testimony. i was nervous, you know how i am, i don't like being the center of attention. i was so nervous tho, and i don't even remember what i said, but after sacrament was over one of the the hermanas of the ward told me that when i went to bear my testimony, my face changed and she said i could have sworn that you were covered in luz (light) she said, i thought i was going a little crazy, it was so bizarre, then hna vale and some other people said the same thing, and they said that my spanish was good and that they understood everything. i dunno, for me that meant a lot, it made me really realize that i am a representative of christ and i just felt the power of heavenly father with me in that moment, the power of the holy ghost and the gift of discernment and the gift of tongues!! i know with all my heart that heavenly father loves each and everyone of us!!! and i know he has a plan for everyone one of us to and none of us our the same so we all have a different path to take!!
yesterday night we threw a big goodbye party for goretti in the church (because she doesn't have much family support) and it was such a cool experience to see her leaving on a mission!! she is going to be a great missionary and i really do love that girl so much it was also really neat experience because 5 people got to get up and give palabra bonita (words of advice) and after the 5 went, she asked me if i would say anything... i got up and just started to ballll... remember when i first left on the mission and seeing a recent convert getting ready to leave, a girl who didn't even believe in god before, going to preach the word of god!! i don't remember exactly what i said but after i was done the whole room was crying. it was such a rad experience because you could just feel all the love people had for her in that room and i'm sure going to miss my chilean sister...she is going to be such a great missionary, and I'm a beyond words excited for her!! well that's about all!!! for now i hope every single one of you have a beautiful week! and enjoy the sun for me!! i love and miss you all so much!!
con mucho amor,

love your lil missionary

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