Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Some email replies from Meghan's last letter

Good morning Shelley.
I read Meghan's letter this morning and it made me cry! i am so happy Benita finally "made the plunge!" What a wonderful story to follow! So happy Meghan to could have this experience! Hard work does pay off! So I thought I'd pass along what Lars said this morning. I had the picture of Benita, her husband, and daughter? pulled up on my computer and Lars came out to the kitchen and said, "Oh, we did get an email from James's mission president. Is that their picture?" to which I replied, "No, that is an investigator on her baptism day from Meghan Godfrey's mission. It took her seven months to commit to baptism!" Without a seconds thought Lars said, "and because of that she'll be active in the church in seven years!" Just thought that was an interesting comment to make! Sometimes those who take the longest do end up being the most committed because they made the step not on impulse, not for welfare needs, but because after a long time on the road of learning the gospel, they couldn't deny the feelings!

GIve Meghan our love!
Lori and Lars

OH JOY!!!  Totally bawled my eyes out on this one.  So glad Megs was still in the area to witness it.  Sounds like a life changing experience for Benita and Meg!!  Her letters are so amazing!  So happy Kyn and Kenz are hanging out a bit before she heads off to Russia...ugh!! HOW are you doing it??  BTW, Cass keeps dropping subtle hints about Chanler..."Make sure and tell Shelley I tried to find Chan after the game, but, I had to catch the bus."  Today, she brought him up again.  She said she was talking to some Alta kids after the game and did a little name-dropping.  "Oh so you know Chanler Godfrey" and the kids says, "Of course...who doesn't?" So, just sayin...if he's ever desperate for a date, I think Cass would flip(;  Not that I'd like to set them up or anything(:
You're life such a big adventure, I know you're totally busy, but, let me know when you can do lunch!  I'm trying to do the temple with my mom in SL each week...she goes to at least one session a day, so, it's been fun to do my temple day with her, but, I'd love to go with you sometime...Cass came up and did baptisms and said it only took her about 15 minutes because no one else was there.  Text me, call me, email me when it's a good time for you(:

Julie McKeon

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