Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

A Week of Madness!!! Week #24

hola hola!!!

mum i cant believe you now have 3 dogs... haha its so funny because all the dogs here have clothes for the cold hehe i want to send you some for tug and luna hehe!! draper days and like in draper right now sounds good!!
as for me this week was well nuts in every way... first off we found a new family edson is his name and his wife is called lesli and the daughter has 2 years old and they are just the perfect family in everyday well they have to get married first but they are so great i love them so much so we are teaching them right now edson feels like something is missing in his life (yeah the gospel) hehe so we are working with them right now and then we found another investigator her name is rosa and it was so cool because she said she was praying to god because she really wants to quit smoking (smokes 3 packs a day and weed) and we showed up at her door. she said we were on answer to her pray and i never thought a story like that would happen to me, so we trying to teach her but shes gonna be a bit difficult but I'm up for the challenge!!  we also finally got a hold of benita this week it was so cool because she ask us if we could go visit the temple and then she said i want to get baptized on the 4th of august, she put her own fecha!! so cool so the next day we ended up going to the temple with her and florencia it was a bit rough because there were a lot of people there and you couldn't feel the spirit a ton but she said she really liked it so god works through people even when you don't think they are feeling anything. but then we had something really funny and then something terrible happen its that roller coaster of the mission is real stuff, but first off i was so freaking hilarious me and hna vale we contacting and we saw this dog sitting in the middle of the road and it would not move para nada... and all the cars had to go around it so me and hna vale decided to go help the poor cockerspanaled... hna vale was whistling trying to call it to the side of the road but it wouldnt lisen so i decide the brilliant person i am to go tap it with me b.o.m...just give it a lil tappy tap tap tap- a- roo and the freaking perro (dog) attacked me rararara  and i started running backwards screaming as it was trying to snap and bite at my legs and finally it stopped and peed in the middle of the road after the freaking dog started follow us and then we started running trying to lose the dang thing and it started to chase us... every dog i now see I'm scared of... hahah hna vale could not stop laughing and about peed her pants and i was laughing so hard to it was like a movie just imagine two sister missionaries running down the street while a lil doggy is runny after them it was so funny. oh the moments in the mission. so after we got a call from one of the hermana from the ward she said i need to talk to you guys please come visit me in my house so we headed to her house well we asked how she was and she said mal mal mal mal (bad).. her daughter cata and son felipe were playing with florencia (benita´s daughter) and, well, things got a little out of hand... florencia didn't want to play the game they were playing so cata and felipe chased her around the house with a hammer and a chair trying to hit her on the head with a plastic toy thing.  ya it's things of little kids right? the problem is is florencia never has had a lot of friends, then when her mom started learning from us, she started to make friends. well you can see my point, florencia was crying and went home we trying to call benita but didn't get a hold of her till yesterday and she said florencia is really scared and doesn't want to leave her house and doesn't want anything to do with the church anymore. benita was more understandable but said the these two kids have satan inside of them and were trying to kill my daughter benita. she doesn't blame us but is a bit stirred up were going to visit her tomorrow so well get more details them. Satan is really working with us and benita i just don't know what to do with her and more. but i know the lord has a plan it might not happen right now or even with me but hopefully in the future with time benita will be baptized nothing would make me happier to some day see her and her daughter baptized. i think one thing i really learned this week is how much i love the people here they might not get baptized but just to know i was able to help in a moment in their lives is so worth it for me and everything is in the time of our H.F. it was neat the other day we ran into this drunk guy we always see in the street we decided to talk to him and he told us I'm a lost sheep that needs to be found and maybe in my life right now I'm not ready but one thing i know for sure is god loves me, i know that because i see you two walking around my streets. and then another guys came up to me and shook my hand and said thank you so much for blessing my country with your service.. above it all those moments are worth everything to me. it was so cool also we did splits this we and i heading to a different sector with a hna that had 2 weeks in the mission and one that had 2 month needless to say to speak or understand much i had to do everything thing start lesson talk most of the time in the lesson contact for them cause they were scared and just everything... it was actually a really neat experience for me cause i didn't know if i could do it, but i did and it wasn't just me i know H.F. was helping me the whole time.  but ya that is about it for my week winter vacation is now over here so hopefully we´ll have a little more success this week. please put hna vale in your prayers as well shes having a hard time with her family. but i love you all so so very much and i miss you a ton!! I'm on the count down crazy how time flies!! enjoy the summer weather for me and keep on givĂ©r hell everyday!!!

your lil missionary

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