Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

The Life of a Trainer!! Week #29

wow wow wow! what a week! i am training, i'm officially a mum here in the mision!! woahh!! my new comp. is hermana guevara.. good luck with saying that right hehe.. but she´s from guatemala!! she is so great her excitement for the mish is so contagious, and i really have enjoyed this first week with her.  one thing i really love most about her is she loves to laugh!! so we have a good time! it is so crazy being a trainer! im in charge of everything... EVERYTHING... it's a bit stressful at times, but it's all good.  i plan every day,  i teach her because we are doing a 12 week program, and start all the lessons and when she doesnt know what to say i fill in... it's scary but i have to do it and the wonderful thing is that i have the lord with me and if i didnt i wouldnt know what the crap to say in the moment. but i know these next few weeks are going to be so great and that i am going to grow and learn a lot.  they say you learn more from being a trainer then from when you were trained. and about being in the same sector again, the truth is i dont mind because it doesnt feel like the same sector at all... at all! we changed everything in our pincion to have something new and different; we´ve found new investigators, we work in a different way... everything is so different so it's ok with me, and also i love this sector too because i have really gained the trust of the members and people here... the guy on the corner everyday says hi to us and knows our names and i just love that. i think its good to gain people's confidence.

as for investigators, we are really trying to find new investigators right now because we didnt have many progressing and we actually had a really successful week.  (i like being about to do things my way hehe) but we are just working with that benita...oh benita my headache... we havent been able to find her all week because she started working again... but we are gonna keep trying.  as for lana, remember lana the russian girl ... ahhh i love her! i love her so much i dont think i told you guys cause i was embarrassed, but the first day we met her i tried to give her a book of mormon and she wouldn't take it. she said she doesn't need a book to help her faith, in that moment i really felt like someone had shot me in the chest... it sucked. well, let's see, its been 1month and a half since then and wed. we had a visit with her to help her with spanish, so i told her i would help her. well one of the elders in the other sector told me they had a girl from russia, so i asked if she would accompany us to visit lana (this girl is beautiful btw) so we went to meet lana and lana was so surprised and so happy they just blablblajblablablablabj in russian the whole time, my jaw was to the ground, i couldnt understand a thing... sometime to text tho, goodluck kyn it's a crazy language... but it's super bakan, you're going to learn that language!!! im a bit jealous kyn, hehe, but ya at the end of our visit, lana came up to me and said thank you so much, so much you are my angel, i needed this so bad today because i was struggling... and she just hugged me... the russian... she hugged me...??? it was a cool experience. so after she came with us to visit a part family and that was cool. she then came to church on sunday and we were sitting in class and she turns to me and says, godfrey you know that book you tried to give me a few weeks ago? i think i'm ready for it now... What??? i said...shocked "can i have that book? she asked me" OF COURSE  i said so i handed her the one in my hand... i dunno but i really think she is going to be baptized one day, but in her time. but i dunno this was just a really rad experience for me. i couldn't have been more happy then i was in this moment. the tender mercy of god is definitely real.

well, it sounds like you guys all had a wonderful week in china, you butt heads all of you!! the pictures looked like so much fun and mum YOUR HAIR!! i about died, i couldnt believe that was you! you look completely different and dad has lost a lot of weight wahooo!! but ya! It looked like a good time and i'm glad you guys finally made it to HK and you are now trapped in the airport again... hehe, im so sorry that sucks!! but it's an adventure, right? you´ll never forget that time you went to china right!! hehe and ems baby shower thats nuts she´s gonna have her baby soon right.... ahhh i wanna see lots of pictures please.!! well everyone, hope you know i am praying for you all everyday and i hope all of you have a great week full of adventures!!

con mucho amor,
your lil missionary

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