Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Touched by the Spirit...Week #26

hola familia y mis amigos!!
¿como estas? wow este semana haber... or wait i need to switch into english haha this week hum lets see.. well first off to start we have cambios (changes) this week so will see what happens I'm a bit sad to leave hna valeriano but new adventures here we come. ok well to start off goretti left this week and we had to spend the day with her the day she left because she didn't have a comp. with her so me and hna vale were with her. and it was so fun to see her get ready to leave and kinda sad too... i felt like i was leaving all over again. but ya everything was great we shed a few tears and left and that was that. so this week we found a menos activo se llama alicia and she is just the cutest lil lady i love her so much she was baptized a long long time ago but cant make it to church on sunday because she has a bad leg and cant walk very far. so we visit her. i was a neat experience tho because we decided to sing a hymno with her and we sang "divina luz" i have no idea what it is in english but it was like there was people singing with us and my comp told me after she had never hear me sing so well she said it wasn't me singing haha but after we were done singing we looked up at alicia and she was crying and after that we had a pretty deep conversation it was a neat experience for me and i really did feel like in that moment there were other people there singing with us... singing about this marvelous gospel we have in our lives and that happiness it brings.

so we went to visit benita and this week and it was a hard week for her and she was telling us all about her week and how she prayed at the virgin and lit a candle today... quwank qwank. so we were a bit frustrated with that and didn't know how to tell her straight up you cant pray at the Virgin... so we have been studying a lot this week to prepare us for our next lesson with her but, gosh Satan is working so hard with her every possible thing wrong that could happen has happened… hna vale and i thing that benita has something really wonderful in store for her… because satan is working hard and i mean hard..

Sunday wow sunday sunday was a crazy day for me, me and hna vale went to pick up benita because she needed to come too church it had been awhile and so we went to get her and she was all ready to go. we got to church and during sacrament i just remember praying and asking heavenly father "please please help benita feel the spirit strong today and please help her to gain a testimony" sacrament started benita was so happy the whole time after then passed the sacrament i looked up and benita looks at me and says " Godfrey" she was balling and i mean balling her whole face was wet with tears. i tried to comfort her best i could and grabbed her a tissue..then one of the members who is really good friend with benita got up and bared her testimony the spirit was so so strong incredible and cant even try to explain it, it was like her, benita me and hna vale were the only ones in the room. incredible then after sacrament was over i looked up at benita and asked how are you feeling?? she said emotional muy emotional but not that im sad emotional in a happy way… we then told her that was the holy ghost testifying to her… and she said i only lack a little bit till i can have it with me always right? WOW WOW WOW WOW and don't even have words to describe that moment heavenly father answered my simple prayer..and benita felt the spirit so strong that day and she just looked so happy. i feel so eternally grateful to my H.F. for answering my pray on sunday and I KNOW heavenly father hears each and everyone one of us its just in his time... its been 6 months since we started teaching benita and were finally starting to see really progress i think one thing i have really learned this week is to not give up on people i cant tell you how many time i wanted to pound my head into a wall with benita.. and a few time we wanted to drop her... but i know that we are to never give up on our dreams on our desires on our hard work... we need to fight every day for the things we want in life and with the help of H.F. nothing and i mean nothing is impossible!!
after church on sunday one of the members little boys was baptized and i was the most adorable thing i had ever seen… his older brother had just received the priesthood to baptize and he baptized his little brother and lot gonna lie i shed yet some more tears! so tender!! and made me think of my baptism on it actually was TODAY the 5 of agouti!! the day i became a member of La ogles de Jesu cristo de los santos de los ultimas dias!! well ya that was about it for my week thanks for listen, well see you next week!! hehe love you all so so much and miss you tons have such a wonderful week in china and dont have to much fun without me!! hehe take lots of pictures!

con mucho amor,
your lil missionary


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