Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Transfers!!! And Guess What? Week #27

hola hola hola,

Can i just start out by saying i think it is so funny you guys are stuck in Tokyo... that would happen!! haha im sorry, such a bummer, but there really should be video camera following our family around always! hehe.  I'm so glad you got to see the videos i made, and im excited to see what you guys send me!

Ok! so the biggest news of the week this week is Changes, or transfers....dan dan dan... Well, I don't know who my new comp is yet because i"m, i'm, i'm... TRAINING!... ahhhh I'm freaking out AND i'm scared to death!! but it will definitely be an adventure right?... ahhh i dont have words, so crazy. So yeah,  I'll find out tomorrow who my new comp is- latina, gringa yo no se? {: so ya, there you go with changes!! so this week? let's see what this week we´ve just been working a lot. We did a sector slam on friday. that is when missionaries come from the CCM, and we take them through a day as a missionary in the field.  We knocked doors and contacted for 3 hours, wahooo!! It was fun to see this gringa missionary that was so much like me when i first came here. Wow, things have changed so much since I entered the field. bueno que mas... Benita came to church this Sunday and it was really cool because she came all by herself - we didn't call her or anything and she came!! then Hna Vale had to tell her that she was leaving and it was so sad, Benita started balling... and then said well at least I have godfrey and her spanglish!! hehe but Benita was really sad to see hna vale go, well let's just say everyone was sad to see her go, even me. and everyone's jaws about dropped to the floor when they heard I was training... loco. but my week wasn't to exciting except for these last 3 days. I can't believe it, I'm in shock. but I know I can do it... with Heavenly Fathers help. if it was just me doing this, there is no way in heck I could do it. Well, I'm so glad to hear you guys are all doing well and that you're all in China having a great time! hehe take lots of pictures for me!! I love you all a ton!!  have a fantastic, beautiful week!

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