Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #22 Holy Shizzzzzzzz Monkey!!

Well lets just say i am loss for words right now i cant believe kyn is going to RUSSIA i would have never ever ever guessed that in a million years. yet again my little sis out does me!!! haha but that's ok your right mom i dunno if i could do Russia WOW, so freakin difficult but kyn i know she can do it she is such a tough person and that is exactly where she needs to be and with the lords help nothing is impossible!! she going to be such an amazing missionary and i am so so so excited and happy for her in every way possible!!! GIVER HE&% KYN!!!! and i just want to say one thing also that somebody told me all missions are hard i really don't believe one mission is hard then another they are all equal and all possible because we have the lord by our side!!

OK so my week i dunno know if i can even come close to topping your week, and the new about Russia but anyways. we have been working a butt load this week trying to find new people and just start out the new change together good!! (which is going really well btw) but ya working hard and well see how it goes this week we ended up finding 6 new investigators possible yesterday in the moment kyn was opening her call i was knocking doors (welcome to the mission kyn) haha but 6 possible i hope at least half ended up working out. but ya and on Friday we went through the temple with Goretti she leaves for her mission in 2 weeks for Mexico and well this girl does have much support in her life so me and hermana vale decided we would enter with her and I'm so glad we did because she only had two people with her... when i went we filled up the whole room. but she seamed so so happy and i just looked at her and a convert for only one year and she has entered the temple and is serving a mission i hope so bad one day i can have an investigator like her. if i serve my whole mission and only convert one person like her that will totally be worth it to me. totally!! i was so nice to go too the temple again to we can only go once a year so yep that was my one time but i couldn't help but feel i was at home and everything was so familiar not like Chile were everything is so unfamiliar. but i did the whole session in Spanish!!! hehe i was so proud of myself the workers asked me if i wanted to do it in English but i told them no and they we all so shocked. but i was a beautiful experience i will never for get. as for hna vale i really do love this girl so so much things were kinda ruff at the beginning of the change but we ended up talking ( you know how i hate contention and just need to talk about it) and we really learned to just love each other and she told me I'm her best comp. she has ever had and that she is so glad that we are still together and i dunno i just really touched my heart!! and i really feel the same way about her as well.
OK interesting story for the week so Sunday the bishop come up to me and there is this girl with him and she only spoke a lil lil lil bit of English i asked her where she was from and you`ll never guess...?????¿¿¿ ok give up she`s from Russia...what!!! i know but i ended up talking to her the whole time during church and she told me all about her country (she thinks her government (i quote) is bull shit) hahah but she`s here in Chile to learn Spanish and as always wanted to visit south America. i was so excited because i was like a russian who can say they met a Russian in there mission.... quank!!! hehe then i hear kyns call hahahahaha but what are the odds right! that i would be a Russian like 4 hours before she opened her call fate i tell you fate!! haha but she seriously was so cute and i like fell in love with her there different tho very different but she`s not a member so we might ended up teaching her i dunno well see but interesting story ya?? but ya that is my story for the week.
sounds like you guys had a blast in Powell thanks for taking a wakeboard run for me mum and just sounds like it was a blast next year ill be able to go haha. i cant believe dad is going to Moscow one day after kyn enters just like me what the... well tell who ever guesses for chanler's mission first talks to dad to see where he is traveling next haha. but ya tell Alta im sorry that is such a bummer but everything has a reason and maybe things will work out in the end.!! but ya that is my week everything is going good I'm doing good. excited for kyn. oh interesting fact when kyn enters the mission field when she finishes the MTC i will only have like 4 months or so left!! weird but so cool!!

well love you all so much have such a great week!! cant wait to hear about your adventures next week.
te amo muchisimo,
your other missionary.

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