Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

6 Months in Chile!! Week #23

Wow!!  i cant believe it has been 6 months so fast, sometimes kinda slow haha but from this day on i will not repeat the same days over again.. loco loco!! but ya so glad to hear everything went well with the video and typical Godfrey style was last minute haha. sounds like a pretty good week.
as for my week not gonna lie it was a bit slow this week we didn't see Benita once and lets just say that broke my heart freaking Satan... but we stopped by her house today for florencia´s birthday and she said to pass by tomorrow. so well see lots of prayers. hehe but ya so slow week we ended up finding a couple of new investigators and hopefully all goes well you never know but we´ll see fingers crossed. but ya so funny story we were talking to a man in the street and all of the sudden we heard a gun shot and then like a full on battle going on like one street over hna vale was freaking out i was loving it.... (is that bad?) a little scared to tho. but ya the after about 3 min. of constant shooting it stopped and the guy we were talking to said that it was a drug deal going on and that went wrong and that early that day he saw fireworks(so did we) and that means there are drugs in the area so it made sense, nuts tho right? and then another story we heard from some chicka in the street that if you see shoes hanging on telephone wires it means a house near by was robbed. gotta love chile.
ya about the Russian girl we met, her name is Lana and she is from Saint Petersbierg. and she is quite an interesting person, let's just say. we went to visit her because she doesn't really know many people here and just to help her with Spainsh and let's just say i was excited to talk and hear about Russia and stuff. so we go to her house and we start talking, well first of all Russians are very straight forward and just say whatever is on there mind, and one of the first questions she asked me was if our church accepts gays... well,  hna vale didn't have any idea what was going on and i was completely solo with that one. such a hard question to answer. but ya all was well and it was just interesting to talk to her.  Kyn practice up, i think that is so great you are going to have a tutor because Kyn, this language is insane. to say the words not so much but the spelling and the grammar!!! on... gosh good luck. but i know you can do it.  it will be cool once you can speak it, and to be honest we are so blessed to have the blessings of a missionary because it would be so hard to learn without the spirit, let's just say that. but today we ended up taking Lana and Goretti and some other missionary up to San Cristoba a very touristy place here in Santiago and, well, Lana was interesting. i asked if she would like to visit America and she said no never. then i asked what Moscow is like and she said that it is a really really rich city and she doesn't like Moscow, but that's just because she is one of the poorer ones so we know how that goes. but she said that there is only 2 types of classes poor and rich. that's it. and that people in Russia don't smile. if they smile it is very personal and it means they like you as a person. she said it was so weird when she came to chile because all the people were smiling and hugging her, hahaha. they are very, very hard headed people too. but she said that her two sisters are members of the church and that she really likes to come to church. I'm thinking we really need to be pacient with her but who knows. its really fun to learn about her culture and hear her speak Russian for us and oh ya she made us borsk...(no idea how to spell it) but its a famous Russian dish and it was very different and very interesting but i liked it. i'm sure Kyn will eat a lot of that. but ya there our some details on the Russian girl. but ya as for investigtors, this week was a lot of searching and hopefully this next week we will will start to have more success. but that's the mission, so i think i'm use to it by now... your up down all around and its like that song Ethen wrote on his mission, first you doubt, then you figure it out, then your voice stands out then you let it all out. hahaha one day it's all in the plan God has for us and those people we need to find.

well have such a great week i love you all so much and know you are all always in my prayers!!!

te amo mucho,
your lil missionary.

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