Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #19 It's Your Birthday!!


Wow!! how fast time flies! i cant believe i pretty much have a year left in the mission and i still have a long ways to go (with Spanish haha). so crazy. Sound like you guys had a really fun weekend everyone is home safe and sound and if i might say everyone looks different in the foto you sent me. so weird how much people can change in just 5 months. but I'm so glad all went well with the sr. trip and nobody was hurt to bad! sounds like some fun memories! and might i add the nitro boat looks so sick!! i cant wait to take a ride in the baby in a year hehe. I cant believe the boys are now on their way to china in a couple months little turds.. they have no idea how blessed they are! (: and that alta is getting married in august so nuts. looks like kels´s wedding was beautiful and i loved the pictures. OH MY GOODNESS emily... i cant believe how preggie she is she looks so adorable thanks for finally sending a picture. and i have a new cuz cuz Maggie right??? so tiny and so cute so much has happened while i have been gone sometimes i feel like I'm missing out, but i cant help but smile and feel so happy for each and everyone and all the exciting things that are happening for everyone. that makes me more happy then anything else in the world.

As for my week, one of the hermanas in my pinsion was sick so we did a lot of divisions so that their sector could get worked a little this week as well. i kinda felt bad, being sick in the mission is awful. and so boring...but ya still working a lot with Benita hoping something will happen with her... she has definitely been a lot of work hna vale and i always joke and how she sucks the life out of us after every lesson it is tough teaching her but hard work pays off right! one day if it's not me someone else will plant the seed right! as for Milagros we had 2 lesson with her it was so funny because our first lesson with her was about tithing one of the hardest lessons to teach and the second was about the word of wisdom and she understood both and took them really well i really hope good things for this family but we will wait and see there kinda hard to teach though because they have a great life and don't really need much in their lives right now but I'm hoping we can help her and her husband to know their heavenly father!!! so yea that was pretty much my week this week sorry not much exciting stories. oh i got my visa this week too so I'm officially a Chilean! hehe  yep well thats all folks! tell all the bums (cousin that never write me to write me!!) haha!!  we have changes the 2 of July so we will see what happens... i dunno i kind hope i get a new sector. but we'll see!  oh btw way so cute Debby Pastrana sent me a check and a cute birhtday card for my birthday!! she is so so freakin adorable... Luckily, im not sick  thankfully im the only one in the house that isnt!! and your medience has come in so much handy!! all the hermanas call you mama godfrey cause we use my emergency kit. hehe. been looking for boot its hard to find ones that fit because i have huge calfs!! but still looking!!!!

FELIZ DIA DE PADRE - Happy fathers day daddy!
oh, ok dang it! i was really hoping to see you... i was looking so forward to it. but everything happens for a reason right. but august right? and i will work on my president and maybe you cant bring mom next time.  i was so emotional yesterday and today with it being fathers day and all and hearing everyone talk about their family´s i have the greatest family in the world and i think i just made me really grateful for you guys so thanks for all your support and all you do for me i know i say i every week but i really do mean it!  just so you know i haven't seen any adds or anything and nobody here as even hear anything about Nitro. so work on redbull and tell them they need to advertise better down here haha. but ya all good. as for my new investigators they really are the cutest family ever and i just love them already. the only problem is there not serious they just like our company, they're not interesting in hearing anything about the gospel but we´ll work on them and see what we can do!! (: this week was a slow one to be honest but keep pressing forward right(: i dunno i kinda feel like im trying so hard to teach these people and nothing is happening. but i need to remember maybe i planted the seed and everything is in the time of heavenly father. so pacients right?? but ya this week nothing to specially happened but you have the good weeks and slow weeks hehe!!

well i love you so so much!!  have such a great week, always, always praying for you!!

con mucho amor,
i  am so grateful for all your love support and prayers, it sure means a lot!! have a fantastic week!! 

con mucho amor,

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