Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #20 Kynlie's Papers are in!!

Hola Familia y Amigos (so cliche) hehe

WAHHOOO Kyn's papers are officially in... wow!! i cant believe that! so freakin rad, Kyn... i am so so stoked for you!! hum, where do i think she will go?? that really would be so freakin cool if she came here in Chile if she got call to Santiago West or South or something, we could see each other.... but, hummmm... personally I'm thinking England... those are just my thoughts. but i secretly hope she gets called somewhere South American so we could speak spanish together!  heheh.  poor daddio with his lip... tell him he needs to tuffin up.  haha!! you think he would learn to wear sunscreen.  i feel like that always happens to him when he´s in the sun a lot.  hahaha.  but i hope its getting better.  sounds like you guys are keeping busy tho. that's good so you don't get bored. Can you believe i´ve been out 6 months  just about and next year at this time exactly, ill be coming home!  so weird, so much work i´ve gotta do here before i come home. i miss home some times, in the truth, but there is no way i could come home right now. i have a lot to do here(: OH ya, say hi to the Gillhouses for me. i get Dylan's letters all the time, and print them out to read... he is such an inspiring kid and a great missionary. i wish i had more time to write him back but im sure he understands, and that's so cool about Trevor going to Monterey, Mexico. All the Mormons are going to be fluent in spanish and english!! oh my gosh the picture of the old van, you know what? i knew exactly what it was before i even read your letter!! i totally remember that van and all the stickers! i cant believe it's still out at the shop... that so nuts. and the picture of  Tugger, i died laughing. that is the funnest thing i have even seen. DAD you need to tell Redbull to get on it down here with the advertisements, you can put them all in the metro here and everyone would see it, and in the center of Santiago. it was funny cause i gave your  video to two families and they loved it, just couldn't understand it... haha how are you going to translate the movie into Spanish?????

So for me, this week was a good week. we have changes on Sunday so we´ll see what happens. i have no idea what President is gonna do, nobody ever does. we'll see but just trying to enjoy my last week possible here in los platanos ): i love this ward so much, we´ll see, we´ll see. we've been working a ton this week tho, we decided were going to try and knock our whole sector! wish us luck. oh ya, did you guys watch the announcement yesterday about missionary work ?And how the Prophet and the Apostles just pounded into the members on how they need to help the missionaries with this work its SO true, we need member's help more then i think they know!! I thought it was intresting how we are going to be able to use facebook and the Internet ,that will be interesting for sure... and how we waste a lot of time knocking doors... knocking doors isn't too effective here. all the baptisms i´ve heard of in the mission are references. kinda interesting. but ya just working hard and trying to find new investigators because we don't really have much that are really progressing. so wish us luck this week. if i get changed we can leave some good stuff behind for those new missionaries in los platanos. we had divisions again this week and it was really good, the hna that did divisions with is from Argentina and speaks super Argentinean with the cha (Ethen will probably be the only one who understands that) but ya divisions were great and she really made me feel good about the way i work and said that i inspired her to work harder and always be positive for something, i had said that so it was kinda cool!! but ya sorry yet again, i don't have any fun stories, hopeful next week ill have more fun things to say!! but ya thanks so much for all your support, love and prays, i sure can feel it out here!!! love you guys so so much!! hope you have a wonderful week!! oh btw a better way to send this is to this address because they changed it and i think its a lot faster.  oh and special news, Benita and her daughter are going to be baptised this Sunday!!!! we are taking them to see the temple on Thursday and we are just going to try really hard to work with them this week so I really, Really, REALLY hope everything works out!! wish us luck, it's gonna be a lot of work this week.!! loves hugs and prayers oxoxox


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