Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #21 Transfers

Hola to everyone who reads these emails!!

First of all i just want to start out with ahhhhhhhh KYN YOUR GETTING YOUR CALL WENS.... SUNDAY!! wahooo that is so so rad!! im freaking out down here. she is probably freaking out at lake Powell she´s just gonna be thinking about it the whole time haha oh i remember when i got my call and how i felt seems like it was a week ago i found out i was serving in Chile, i hope so bad she gets call spanish speaking but where ever she gets called its were the lord wants her to be right!!

well just so you know we had transfers this week.....dadadadadadada... im still here in los platanos with hna valeriano... exciting new right hahah. not gonna lie, i was a little bit bummed about beinhg here yet again. i was so ready to leave and start a new adventure but i guess the lord has some more work for me to do here, with hna vale. presidents wright's wife told me they really don't like to do changes much... one elder in our district just got changed and he has been in los platanos for a year... so we´ll see what the future has in store for me. haha has for this week i was kinda a crazy week and i cant remember a thing, lets see... we knocked a ton this week and lost a lot of our other investigators.. which kinda sucked but we´ve got to keep working and one of our menos activos, i dont know if you remember a while back Angela 18 years old? but she had her baby and i is the cutest dang thing and the spirit of a baby in the house is such a incredible spirit. changed the feeling of the whole house and the family too... everyone just couldn t stop smiling which is big for this family. Then Saturday we had CVC which is where we made  a mini visitors center like the one in salt lake city with the christis and everything... so we did that in the church building in los platanos and it was a lot of work but really fun. they had big posters of all of the lesson we are teaching, and all the members had stands for like young women's, priesthood, young mens...etc. so the hermanas take a member and an investigator on a tour through the church.  first we started out in the chapel with the christis and hear the words of Christ, after we take them to tour all the posters which show the different programs of the church.  they teach pretty quick then they go into the room where the baptism font is and the elders explain baptism, and then they go to a referral table where they write their info if they want to see the missionaries. this was a really neat experience for me, i loved it and my confidence grew a lot. imagine talking in front of the a bunch of people and explaining our religion, well that pretty much is what i did! it was a really neat experience tho. and in the end Maria Ugaz and her two boys that i just adore showed up and Paulina, a part memeber family... which was really cool to see because they really wanted to see us after the tour was over, so hopefully everything works out!! fingers crossed. it was kinda funny so the next morning after the CVC we come into the church for sacrament and the whole church building is flooded... nobody turned off the baptism font and the whole church ended up flooding!! hahahahaha i could help but laugh. but that was a great adventure. haha . but ya that was pretty much my week for you!!

So fun you guys are going down to Powell for 4th of July have such a good time and take a wakeboard run for me and a blob jump too. haha with a triple backflip in there haha.  oh, tell josh and kollin i got their post cards from Australia and thanks so much and i did get your birthday package thank you so so much!! i loved it!

As for Benita, crazy week with her so we had the date and she was so so excited about it. and wanted it so bad, and then this last Sunday was votes here in Chile for president so we were only have sacrament well the bishop wanted to change the baptism for the next week the 7 of July and i was so so sad cause if i was gonna get changed or not. but we went to her house that night to tell her and in her house was the bishops wife sitting at her table and she told us she talked to the bishop and we are going to have in this Sunday... i was so so so excited and i just thought its supposed to happen its supposed to happen well Benita worked a ton this week including the day of her interview for baptism and she canceled her baptism cause she was so tired and need to sleep all day because she works at night. and said she wanted to get baptised with her daughter. which was cool i was excited for them to get baptized together but i didn't know if i was going to be here or not. well we didn't get change and were gonna be here for her and help her and her daughter get ready to be baptised but i dunno whats gonna happen because she is working everyday this week and does really have time to see us..... so well see what happens!!! fingers crossed and lots of prayers

well have a great week and i love you all so much and miss you all a ton!!! oxoxox

con mucho amor,
your lil missionary.

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