Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

If You're Not Struggling It's Not Worth It! Week #18

Hola Hola Familia y Amigos,

So my theme for this week was if you're not struggling it's not worth it in the end.  You may be thinking why? This doesn't make much sense! But let me explain... so we have investigators that are super willing and want to change and this is amazing. Its what we call here an investigator de oro (gold) and their great and perfect in every way. But there is something about those investigator you work really hard with, and fall down with and get back up with, that just touch your heart forever! And sometimes they don't even progress at all, but the moment you have with these people will never leave you. For example Gerardo, we visited him this week and it was awful the mum saw us at the door and was peeking through the window... ya! We could totally see her, and we could totally hear them in the house too and that just really stunk, but we really are just trying to help and why to they have to be so sneaky about it. i was really frustrated and so was hna vale. but we decided to visit them yesterday and Gerardo was there ( i think it's the mum that doesn't want anything to do with us not Gerardo) and he was a little drunk but he told us that we are his angles and if i wasn't for us he probably wouldn't be alive right now and that we both have a special place in his heart and that he thinks of us as his hermanas ( his sisters) and that experience was just super rad because ya he might not progress but he is really special too us and it is just neat to know that we were able to help him. has for Benita not bonita haha she is doing good so you know how she hadn't been assisting church and things were just really hard with her but this week we taught the 1st lesson and i just bluntly asked her do you believe the things we are teaching you? she told me yes it do! so that was really good we then talked about the importance of coming to church and she told us how she wants to, she really wants too... she just works all night long and finishes working at 8 on Sunday morning and is so tired and how she can't quit her job because right now they don't even have gas in their house. But she said she would come anyway (but thats what she said the last 2 week as well) so sunday was fast sunday and we started our fast in the park haha (forgot) but we were fasting and you can imagine what for but after they passed the sacrament, we looked back and their was Benita!! She was all dirty and had tape all on her fingers (works in a factory) and looked so tired but she came!! She came and sat next to us and our faces just lit up! It was a neat experience. Then i saw this girl i had seen once before in the capilla a long time ago, about a month, so i decided to talk to her and she was the amiga de Clara ( the girl who's house we skyped in) and she said she came to church all by herself she was super scared and alone and when she went to take the bus to get here she didn't have enough money but some man payed for her (miracle) and so i talked to her and she was super excited about church and everything so we got her number and hopefully we will end up teaching her!!

Funny story Tuesday we were walking down the street and i saw in a pile of trash a really nice looking couch i said hermana we need a sofa so ya we took it and we were laughing so hard the whole time... hehehe. oh my gosh and monday it was raining so so hard i don't think i´ve even seen it rains so hard and people told us it flooded a supermarket it was so bad i don't have rain boots yet so it was quite the experience i actually loved every minute of it. I think Goretti sent pictures of us to kyn on face book freezing to death. But ya that was a fun experience. anyways that was my week. I'm so glad to hear you guys are all doing well and that kyn graduated seminary and is graduating high school this week so NUTS! and Chan went out for football good for him! sound like the summer is gonna be fun with the new boat and all as well!  as for spanish it is getting better today my mexican hna, hna Resendiz´s said my spanish sounds chilean!! bakan!!!! anyway i have a lot to learn but it's coming. Well you guys have a great week and a blast in Powell this weekend!! thanks for the birthday wish mum i could totally hear your voice singing to me! i cant believe i`ll be 21 and that i almost have 6 months in the mission ahhhhh so crazy so fast too fast haha! well love you so much! xoxoxox

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