Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #47 Up The Mountain We Go!

as for my week it was really good we walked a ton a ton a ton and sweated a ton too... this sector is kickin my butt... haha but i love it. as for alejandra we couldn't find her this week with vacation and stuff everyone is so so busy its been a bit ruff.. but i know things are going to come around. this week a lot of amazing things happened and i dont think i have the time to write it all down so ill write a few on sunday we had to wake up early to got to ward consel... and at 8am the bishop come up to me and ask hna godfrey can you give a talk in church today i looked at his shocked "enserio" (seriously) i said yes he said ok so all during ward consul i was looking up scriptures and trying to perpare my talk... and at 9am started church and was freakin out spanish in front of everyone im not good in a big group of people... what but time came i got up and i gave the talk to be completely honest i dont remember a think that i said but everyone said it was good (of course their not gonna tell me it was bad..) but i had a few people come up and ask me if i really was from the states being my spanish was good and that i didnt have an accent... that made me really happy hehhee. but ya then yesterday was quite a day i was stressing out because we haddnt gotten into many house this week and so in a moment i pray and asked HF that we could get into house and have a good day with success... so we hiked up the mnt. and contacted a ref. his name is david and hes great we taught him lesson one and i felt so good to get into someones house and actually have a sit down lesson.. i could feel the spirit and we invited him to read, pray, and find out for himself if these things are true. then we decided to go and contacted a man we contacted from haiti like 3 days ago... we get to his house and its like 930 at night his girl friend sticks her head out and to be honest i thought oh no... but then she came out and invited us in i was kinda shocked... but we got in and started talking about god and the role he plays in both there lives oh their names are paul, y giouanna. paul then told us he wanted to learn about jose smith bueno we both tought and we started teaching lesson one it was one of the best lessons i think i have had in the mission. i could feel the spirit so strong and when i said the first vision i was like an out of body expierence i could feel my lips moving and words falling out of my mouth but my head was thinking "what the heck your lips are moving" i dont what happen exactly or how to really explain it but i could feel in the moment that the spirit was using me and that it was me teaching but it was him. i left that lesson feel so full of the spirit and stressed becasue we were late and had to run to the pincion... haha but it really was such a special expierence and to see how we really can be used as tool for our heavenly father to teach his children. we invited them to read an pray as well giouanna is super super smart and has a really good bible background but they invited us back so prayers. haha i really fell in love with these too. so well see what happens. i feel so blessed to be a tool in my heavenly fathers work. i feel blessed to be a missionary in this time and to be able to serve him and his children. i love the mision i cant believe how fast time goes. i love my family so much and hope you all know that. hehe. have a great week and well talk next week. always praying for you all. con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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