Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #45 So Fun To Talk To You!!

i cant believe you guys are in hawaii haha that was a fun surprise, i bet. haha enjoy the sun mum i know you are loving it. haha.  ill see what i can do about coming home 2 weeks early but i doubt it .I will ask my president but if i did i would actually end up coming home one transfer early so that would be in may and i kinda want to finish till the end too. but we'll see what i can do. but yes i love love love the lake powell idea i think that would be really fun. 
well this was a different christmas but i really quite enjoyed it. we had like 2 lunches and 2 dinners the 24th and i thought i was going to throw up... but it was fun to see how chileanas have their christmas and just enjoy the holidays and i think the best part of it all was being able to talk to you guys! it was so fun to see everyone and just talk and laugh. it really felt like i was in a dream but i was the best present i could ever ask for. 
as for this week, we had a cool story that happened last week i forgot to tell, but my first day here in my new sector. we went to visit a recent convert. and he wasnt there so the next day we went to see him again and his wife was there and she was balling, so what happened is that he was put in jail for crimes he had comited 2 years ago, and some other things that happened that were a bit complicated... so he was told he was going to be put in jail for 30 years and there is absolutely nothing you can do here in Chile but maybe cut down his years to 15 but that's about it. and his wife was just a wreck trying to think what she was going to do with her kids and without her husband we told here we were going to pray and that everything will work out. for some reason i felt really calm like everything was going to be ok. so we spent the whole day praying for pablo and the next day she called us and told us that he was set free and all of his past charges were wiped away!!!... wow i couldn't believe it!!!. so we went to visit them the next day and pablo was just in awe. he told us that he knows that if he was not baptized the day before, he would be in prison right now and that he has learned a lot to put his confidence in god and that he is not going to miss one day of church or activities because he know that god saved him from being put in prison. so we talked to him for about 1 hour and talked about how merciful god is and how he is so smart and has everything planned out exactly for us, and we need to only put our confidence in him... and how in the end things end  up being 10 times better then they were. it was a neat expirence and opened up the door so that we are now teaching his wife alejandra!! they are a great family, i really like them a lot. so hopefully we can help this family become an eternal family. that is my goal!! haha but ya this week was a good we and just enjoying the fireworks they set off everyday until año nuevo. but i love you all so much i hope you all have a great week, and a happy new year. 
oxoxo les amo,
hermana godfrey

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