Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #46 Abrasos Para Año Nuevo

so my week this week... let's see it was a long week so everyone here is on summer vacation so like half of our investigadores left to go on vacation... haha 
so this week was a lot a lot of walk in the hot hot sun i burned, got some more blisters to add the the collection. and my comp almost passed out haha it was an excited week to be honest i was loving it... sometimes. my poor comp was just dying with the heat and we really probably enters 3 houses the whole week but that's ok its part of the mission we have weeks like that hahaha. and oh one of the funnest things happened this week actually a lot of funny weird things happened this week but one that is pretty funny. it sat down on a curb in the street my comp needed a min. so i was looking through my agenda and all of a sudden these two dogs come running out (they looked like the dogs from coraline) and one ran behind me and started sniffing around i looked at my comp who was sitting right next to me she looked at me and then at the dog behind me and started laughing... oh no, i thought you have got to be kidding me i jumped up as fast as i could i felt my back and sure enough the freakin dog had peed all over me... oh my gosh it was awful but so funny at the same time we couldn't help but laugh our head off... especially with a little heat stroke in there it was 10 times funnier.. haha 

but ya so as for lessons we had a really good lesson with a menos activo who basically doesn't know anything about the church but he wants to come back we talked a lot about the plan of salvation and he told us he never had thought of life like that before and it really was a good lesson i could feel the spirit pretty strongly. we then also had a lesson with alejandra, pablos wife. we invited her to pray about being baptized on the 12 so hopefully hopefully things will work out. oh it was really neat so this week was fast sunday right so we wrote down on a piece of paper name of everyone we wanted to focus on and then what we wanted to work on as comps and we started the fast one of the things we asked for was to find people who really were interested in our message and people that could progress. so yesterday during the day we found 10 new investigators i was SHOCKED... (that's good here) my testimony grew so much so much in fasting and its not the first time remember gerardo... (who ran up to us in los platanos and was going to kill himself. that was cause we fasted to find someone) i believe so much in fast and its so instant and so powerful... and i can still now see the things we were fasting for working out.. if we have the faith that things will happen i know heavenly father will make it happen and fasting is showing your faith... especially when its 37 degrees  C out and you don't drinking we were showing our faith that if we gave a little he would give a lot i can see those blessings happening and my testimony has grown so much in this last day. so never give up when times get hard turn to the lord he is here to help us and if we give a little he will give 10 times back. i love you all so much and how you guys are having a blast traveling the states for nitro please everyone be safe!! love you all so much. have a great week.

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey 

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