Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #43 Transfers!

well i was transfers this week and i am transferred i got transferred for a new area really really close to the andes mnts. its called Lo Cañas... it was weird to be in a different sector i feel like I'm in a dream my new comp. is hermana orozco she is from Utah but her parents are both mexican so she speaks english and spanish but we only speak in spanish... i need to practice. she great tho a bit shy but its all good ill probably have more information for next week. 
i think the hardest thing this week was saying goodbye to everyone in los platanos.. we spend the last to day running to everyone's houses to say goodbye and didn't even have lunch on sunday. but i had to bare my testimony on sunday in church it was hard i love los platanos so much its my home away from home. i think the hardest was saying goodbye to the investigators. but now im here in a new sector and i guess its were i need to be now. 
oh there was a christmas concert this week too you have too look it up on chile christmas concert guess who was there mum ..... david archuleta hehe. but it was so good my mission leader sang a solo too. i was so fun we got to go and it was an absolute blast we brought lana with us tooo. i was hard to say goodbye to her she started to cry i did too of course... well nothing too exciting but ill let you all know how much new sector is and comp. so more information next week. have a fantastic week love you all so much ill see you faces in one week ahhhh. 

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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