Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #42 Thanksgiving in Chile

glad to hear you all had a great thanksgiving and a good time riding. and glad to hear all the boys are doing well for the most part hehe and that chan is home safe. now it's time to get ready for christmas right? this will be a weird christmas this year because it like 100 degrees here dying of heat. but that's ok, its the experience. so fun to hear Kyn's letters... hehe it reminds me when i was in the MTC so nervous about our investigators, language, the gross food. haha the crazy roller coaster of emotions. but it really i think is one of the only places in my entire life i have felt the spirit so strong. no? looking back i really did love the MTC.

this week was a pretty good week... nothing too exciting happened, i woke up the other day with a not in my neck the size of a golf ping pong ball...haha i think its stress. it was kinda funny tho. so president was telling us a story the other day about these two elders. so he gets a call from these elders phones and a women answer president was scared to death it was a member and she said that the elders were acting really weird he asked her to pay a taxi to take them back to their pincion. well he called the other elders they lived with and those elder said ya they were acting really weird one was passed out on his bed and the other was bouncing all over the place doing push up and chanting at the top of his voice and repeating what anyone said. the next day president call them and the elder said that they were so tristy the day before and everywhere was closed so they bought mote... (typical chilean drink) from the side of the road well.. it was fermented... so these to elders were completely wasted... hahahah i was laughing so hard and so was president can you imagine. pretty funny.
ok so we had a really good lesson with pedro this week he so funny i really love this man to death.. me and him have a very blunt relacionship so i asked him what are your doubts and he asked it was interesting to me because hes changing... the doubts he had about 2 months ago he doesn't have anymore i can see him growing so i told  him our coming to church tomorrow right, right he told me and your tithing your paying your tithing right?? right he told me? so the best thing to see was to see pedro in church yesterday with his tithing slip all filled  out. he came up and said see i told you i would come. i smiled. my goal is that he can enter the temple with his wife in the next 6 months, i know he can do it. we are just working with everyone milagros we invited her to be baptized but she said shes been baptized and only needs one.... frustrating but she came to church this sunday so and we asked her to pray about her baptism so well see lots of prays. but ya that's about it this week. Loving the mission and loving the people I'm teaching. and i know this church is true. i hope you guys all have a great week. i love and miss you all so much!! oxoxo

con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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