Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week I Dunno Which Week It Is ( #12)

Well hola everyone,

So first off to answer you questions mum, my next change will be I think the 2nd week in mayo, oh which reminds me we found a members house we can use to talk to you guys on mum´s day!! The second Sunday of mayo right? Let me know what time works best for you i´m thinking about 6 or 7 Chilean time. So I'm so stoked to talk to you guys you have no idea. And as for the packages haven't gotten anything yet. But I'm so glad to here you guys got you postcards and letters and stuff, I was a little scared they weren't gonna make it. And no were not getting a 3 comp yet will see. Things are so crazy in the mission right now who knows what's next. Ss for the weather it as actually been really nice it's a lot like Utah, warm then cold then warm then cold... bipolar. But ya so glad to here everyone is doing well and just living up these last couple of weeks until schools out right! ahh that will be so nice and kyn graduate how weird... I feel like I just graduated. haha. And tell everyone hi for me tomorrow at grandpas birthday party! Sure wish I could be their… but you know I'm kinda all the way in Chilean right now so maybe just send some pictures or something. haha .

But, ya, as for my week, it was all over the place to be honest so of course me and hna val were just so stoked to teach Geardo, right!  So we had our first lesson with him on martes (tuesday) and it started out super good everything was going so well then all of a sudden the mom starts like cleaning in between our lesson and the brother comes out, he has downs syndrome and just is the cutest thing in the world and me and him were just giggling at each other the whole time, he is so adorable, but then some freaking construction worker decides he's gonna carve into the cement at 9 at night, which I thought was so weird, so ya we couldn't hear anything Geardo was saying and the spirit se ciao, first thing I thought was freaking Satanas!! but he then invited us into the back room good thing we had a member with us, but I was so sad, he lived in this tiny room and the toilet was in the garage. But anyway he took us back their, oh ya, and there was nudies all over the wall, I could help but snicker a little bit at this, but I then invited him to pray he said ya of course so we all got down on our knees to pray... we sat there for 5 minutes in silence when I finally looked up to see what was going on, and he was just sitting there eyes closed and so we then sat there for another 10 mins, then I think at about 15 he finally stood up.  I looked up at him and there were tears in his eyes he had said a silent pray. Kinda awkward but so amazing at the same time. He then asked, "Can I come to church?" We said yes of course!! And set another appointment for Thursday. We then returned Thursday and he wasn't their but his mom and sister were, the sister walked into the house and grabbed the book of mormon and started to hand it back to me, I said, "No, no that book is for you to keep!"  She then looked at me and said "really?? Of course" I said. The mum then kissed me and said thank you so much. We then asked if we could teach them too and they said yes, this next thursday. So that was pretty rad.  Then we decided to pass by Sabado just to see how they are doing and all and we came to find out Geardo was drunk, doing drugs and the Testigos are now teaching him as well... well talk about a stab in the chest. hna val was so so upset.  For some reason I seemed to be fine. I was trying to think why, and I then explained to hna val. that we couldn't´t have expected this perfect investigator, especially him, it's going to be a process and we are gonna have to work with him. I really think that he will get baptized though because I dunno, I just have such a strong feeling about it and it's going to take time, it's not gonna be easy. But I'm up for the challenge!! And with Heavenly Father with us I know it is possible. As for Benita, we finally taught her this week and well she is a little nuts she believes in everything... monks, Buda, we gave her el libro de mormon and immediately she believe us, its funny because everything we´ve been learning as missionaries is how to help them believe in God, Christ the Holy Ghost and stuff… but they never told us what to do when they believe in everything... I think were gonna teach about the apostasy this next lesson that should be good. haha but ya she´s kinda crazy but I love her. So I guess the one thing I´ve learned this week is pacients and perseverance and love.

Well, there is my story for the week, so glad to hear all is well, you are always in my prayers

Con todo me amor,
your lil missionary

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