Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #10 Getting cold here in Chile!

Hola familia,
How is it going over there in good old America? It's starting to get cold here, it is suppose to rain this weekend so that will be fun! As for this week, it was a bit difficult...this week was semana santa, which means week of holy, so everyone was down in the playa (beach) or with the familias.  So when we knocked doors they were all busy... so lots of walking, knocking and contacting this week! kinda glad its over. I feel like I am doing all that I possibly can to be obedient, studying, practicing the language and walking and working to find people, and nothing is happening.  Nothing! We can't find one person to teach.  My faith is definitely being testing right now, and my strength. I know I can push through this...I tell myself it's like the story of Nephi and Lehi and their travels through the wilderness and coming to the promise land.  At the time it was so so hard for them and even at one time Lehi doubted, but with faith in God they were able to make it to the promise land.  This has also made me think that God knows the bigger picture of things and we need to put all our faith in him, and trust he will lead us the right way!  I am so grateful for your support though... I couldn't do it without you! and please don't stop writing what you guys are up to cause believe or not, I love reading all the things you guys are doing.

As for the family, please tell everyone I love them and miss them all so much!!  I am praying for her every night for everyone!! its one of my favorite things to do!! haha!!  we actually have changes this week so with all the new hermanas, I most likely will have a new companion. No se! But we´ll see. I'm also so stoked for conference and we get to watch it in English yahoo! (never thought i would be so excited for conference before!! haha) As for people we taught this week it was super difficult because our sector is so small, but we ended up teaching a menos activo family... their daughter is prego and only 18.  It has been really hard on the family!  So we had them bear their testimonies and read scriptures and it ended up being a very bonita lesson.  The next day, we found out that she was in the hospital for her baby.  She´s really sick and will probably have the baby in a week or so... its only been 5 months... ahhh i´m scared for her. such a chickit ta wawa (baby).  As for Carmen, it's still been a process.  She wont invite us into her house - she loves us but I think she is scared.  And Elsa is still nuts as ever.  We had a really awkward lunch with her family this week. Yeah, and funny story, one of the Elders in our ward baptized one of their investigators Saturday.   When they did the confirmation this Sunday, the new Elder was asked to do the confirmation, and he doesn't know Spanish very well yet, so he was super nervous.  When he was giving the blessing, he was shaking uncontrollably... the bishop was about ready to catch him in case he fell, I was peeking and I was dying.  But it was also really cool because even though he was shaking and so so embarrassed, the girl's head was completely still the whole time and the spirit was there. So in the en, it was all really, really good!  But ya! That was my week, nothing too special!

So glad to hear you guys had so fun in St. George and all the other places you went.  Sounds like everyone had a good time.  Mum, I cant believe you forgot Easter for chan poor thing... you only have one child to take care of now! haha but no worries. I'm so glad you saluted the place where we broke down.  That is still one of my favorite memories and I was so drugged up because of my broken foot, and couldn´t stop laughing... good times. How was driving the razr the whole time and not having to switch off with me or Kyn?  I'm gonna have to fight you for it when I get home!! haha but you, mark that down as somewhere to go when I get home cause it sounds like it was really beautiful and fun!  I´ve been keeping ideas of places to visit for when grandma and gramps come down.  haha, It's fun!  Heard about dads bomb too... typical Dad, I love it, keep the stories coming pops! oh and tell Kelsey and Brayden the little buts they need to write me.  Well ya!  that's it for now!

con mucho amor, your lil missionary

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