Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #7 Los Platinos

Well Hola familia once again from Chile,
First, I want to apologize for my writing and how bad it is and spelling everything is just blurring together and we only have so long to write so pressure. hahaha i love that you hacked into my email to get my letter, haha i sent it I'm not sure what happened, the computers really suck here your pictures also are only thumb nails so ya sorry. sounds like you guys had a lots of fun in steamboat. I'm so glad you decided to go! i laughed so hard when dad said you ran into a naked fat guy's man parts. ahahaha classic! As for here week two and well its been well a week in Chile, as for the language i can kinda kinda start to get an idea of what people are saying but they have to speak really slowly, honestly when we walk down the streets here in los platanos i just think someone should make a movie about this it comical. using hand gestures for everything, oh its just the best i´ve really just learned to laugh at everything. when we are talking to people and stuff they´ll say intende...  and i´ll have this huge smile on my face and they just laugh and keep talking. Its fun!! we finally taught our first lesson this week.. it is so so hard to find people here btw we tocar (knock) all the time and our mish. pres. said knocking is pointless that we should focus on refrencias and that's hard to cause all the refrencies we get are not in our sector. So we went to visit a menos activo (we do that a lot here) and we ended up teaching her nana (nurse) her husband beat here she has 4 kids and she doesn´t believe in god. It was so sad we were all bawling. then the menos activo Elsa starts yelling at her "why don´t you believe in god" "why are you doubting" why this why that... it really wasn´t good so that was kinda hard but we are going to teach her again this week so wish us luck. we found another investigator a mom with 2 kids her old records are crazy shes been taught every lesson she had a date went to church everyday... so we were like what happened. well a lady in ward told her she couldn´t take the sacrament and had to pay tithing so guess she got offended so hopefully we can help her to understand. So fingers crossed.
has for the people here love em! so incredible we are kinda in the outskirts of Santiago. we actually went into the city today to Santa Lucia, that was fun. but ya really pretty poor area we are in they call it here "fligte" meaning ghetto. so it fun i like it. oh interesting story so i had my gold necklace on the one from allies wedding and the sailboat me and Kyn got in Cali and this little boy came up to me and was pointing at it saying something and i thought he was talking about my skin so i was like ya ya blanco. i watched the little boys eyes widen keep in mind hes like 7, my companion goes oh no no its not real right. oh ya ya its fake i said he just stared at me, so after i was like should i take this off and my comp was like no no your fine. so after that we went a visited these two way old ladies gaby y juana and they were evangelic. oh and here everyone has big tall fences in front of the house so how you like knock on the door i guess you could say, it by yelling ellllooooo... super loud. but ya anyways they were like take that off people we literally slit your neck to get that... so ya that was kinda scary. but i seriously stick out like a sore thumb here.. guys like kiss at you and stuff here its soo weird. oh another story kinda spooky me and my comp we talking to these old ladies at there door and we just talking and talking (we´ll my comps talking I'm trying to decifer)haha but all the sudden i hear this mumbling behind me i look back and i was seriously the freakiest looking person i have ever seen in my life, they were just staring blankly ahead of us mumbling very softly.. it was seriously satanic.. i thought it was Satan. ahhh it scared me so bad.
Oh and they other day also we were walking down the street and there were 3 caskets just sitting in the back of some persons car i asked this girl from the ward if they were real people in em and she was like ya. where in the hell am I!! hahaha always something exciting going on here. haha

but ya sounds like all is good at home. i can´t believe kyn leaves Friday is Lindsey going? she is going to have so so much fun! I'm so stoked for her! i looked up the blog looks good your one of those crazy mums haha i´m OK with that tho!! haha that last picture you put on is so ugly tho you should maybe take that off!! haha.  They say packages take about a month so ya. that would be fantastico!!

Well i love you so much mummsie!! i´m glad you had a good week good luck sending kyn off and tell her to write me. email. i haven´t gotten any letters so emails maybe best. but ya con mucho mucho amor,

te amo,
your lil missionary

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