Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #8 Los Platinos

Hola familia,
I officailly hit my 2 month mark crazy crazy... time goes so slow but yet so fast. But ya ahhhh i cant believe you guys got a dog... well yes i can but awwww she´s is so freakin cute!!! i love that you named her luna... in spanish that means moon. Just the other night when we were walking home is when i learned that word. The moon was so beautiful. I made me think how can people believe there is not a God.  The littlest things here in the world are a testiment of him.  So story number one:  we started teaching this guy, Juan...well, kinda.  He´s an ex-millitary man from Argentina that is now a drunk that sits on the side of the road every day.  We decided one day to stop and talk to him.   He´s really sweet but never sober, so we cant really teach him untill he is sober.  But yet we visit him everyday.  The other night I heard a ton of gun shots like a machine gun, and was like, what the???... and come to find out the next day it was one of Juan's friends that was killed.  That was kinda sad.  Juan was all beat up and had a huge gash in his head. So, ya... that was interesting.  Second story was again with Elsa, the inactive member.  We went back to visit Carmen, the nanny at Elsa's house and Elsa is seriously crazy.  We sit down and start to explain the restoration.  I start out and get one sentence out, and we dont speak the rest of the time.  Elsa starts telling Carmen that she´s a bad mom, and all the things she does wrong.  It was awful and the spirit flew out of there so fast.  After, we finally got out of there, and Carmen walked us to the gate.  She said, "I dont know if i want to be a part of you church if there are bad people like her in it."  Aw, shoot! I thought.  We starting talking a little more, and low and behold we come to find out she lives in our sector.  So freakin random!  Nanas never live close to where they work. so that was a miricale in itself.  We are actually going to go teach her right after I'm done emailing, so wish us luck!! I really hope things work out, especially for my companion, Hermana Valeriano... this is her convert!!  As for the rest of the week it was good. lots of walking and knocking and just trying to find people to teach!! Our area is really ghetto for Hermanas.  They call it here in chile "flihte" (flight-eh). so ya.  That's it really for me.  Just lots of work going on here. Spanish is coming!  I can understand most of what's going on when gringa´s  talk.  Still working on Lattins but I know it will come.  It's weird cause i wonder sometimes if i should be freaking out more about the language cause i´m not good at it, but then i think im just trying to be patient and there is no reason to stress yourself out. i did get your letters like 2 days ago so they are kinda late, it takes so long to get things here but still fun to get letters!!  

So glad to hear Kyn made it safe she is going to have such a fun time i know it! dont be worried she has the worlds best traveler with her grams goodie so all is well haha! but ya so weird that i´m all the way in Chile and Kyns in Africa. I hope things are going good with Dad's work.  I know with all my heart that the Lord will make things happen how they should for you guys!  Just like he did with Carmen and Elsa!! God knows all things before they even happen, and the bigger picture of things we just need to be patient and it is so hard because it feels like it been such a long time but just at that last moment when you want to give up that is when miracles happen!!! i know that with all my heart and i love you guys so much!!!

Well I hope you all have a good week love you all so much!!!
Con mucho amor,
your lil missionary !!

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