Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #9 Los Platinos

Hola Hola!!!

Sounds like you guys are having an bakan Easter riding and having fun like always. I hope everyone decides to go on a ride together that's always been my favorite thing about our family is our traditions. I cannot believe em and Brent our having a boy that soooo weird but super rad too!! ahhh tell them congrats for me i can´t wait to see pictures and they found out way fast i feel like but still so fun!

As for me this week was pretty crazy, we had dinner one night with a these members in the ward, but they are from Tahiti the hermano doesn't want to learn Spanish (yet he´s lived here for 3 years) so he only speaks french and Tahitian, his wife speaks Ingles, Spanish, Tahitian and French so we're sitting in their house eating dinner speaking 4 different languages. It was a pretty neat experience for me because even though not all of us understood each other, we were all able to laugh and have a great time. also we had almuerzo with a family named the Manzzinis they are Italiano, lots of Italiano descendants here, but they are such a cute little family and they have not very much.  There house is probably the size of my bedroom, but yet they are just the sweetest ever.  The church is most important to them.  They make me think that's how you and dad were at first.

Ok... so Maria, I dunno if you remember her, but she was an old investigator that has had all the lessons but fell away 2 days before baptism. Rumors are because of women in the ward... but ya, so this was 2 years ago this happened. So last week me and hna.Valeriano went to visit and she was like, I'm just leaving, ciao. Well, after hna. val was like, well, she´s over it.. ya. but this last Wednesday I was like, let's just try again. Well, she let us in this time but the conversation was dull. She was just trying to make us happy bla we're sitting there talking and all of a sudden I have this thought (oh she has 2 sons btw, one 12 and one 6) I thought oh I have some nitro stickers in my back pack, then I thought, oh no that's stupid. I just kept thinking about it so finally I was like, do you guys like stickers, they were like ah ya, whatever so I pulled them out and they were like, what does this mean?  I didn´t know how to explain so I said, youtube it.  The boy quickly pulls out his phone and looks it up and he FREAKED out, I mean freaking out, oh my gosh! So freakin bakan may en canta!! I explained, oh that's my dad's job, they stared at me and all at once said, your dad's a member??? Happily I replied, yes of course, the whole conversation after that changed. Dad, you have no idea how much your hard work has payed off in so many way you would have never thought. After that 2 other families found out (my comp. freaked out and now tells everyone, she loves it!) and first question is always your dad's a member? Your whole family are members? In that moment I can see something change in there eyes. I don't really don't know how to explain.  Even people half way across the world you don't even know. Well done Papa!!!

As for Carmen still working... she wouldn´t let us into her house last Monday because of Elsa yet again, but were working with her. We're going to still, and get a seata with her this week. Elsa is so frustrating but I know that in time things will work out, we just need pacients.

Rad news about the mission. we are getting 15 new hermanas next change, and only 3 elders.  There are going to be so many hermanas that they will be in 3´s. By July there will be 50 hermanas in Santiago east and they are opening 2 more stakes which is huge. And hermanas maybe can be leaders de zona now too... crazy huh!! freakin rad. and the President said learning slow is not an option!  Ahhh scary! but the lords work yet again!  oh, also interesting I'm the only gringa (white girl) that has been in Los Platanos's super dangerous and ghetto i love that!!!

Everything is soo good here!! I'm starting to understand most things and trying really hard to talk. I can feel your prayers so thank you!

As for Kyn in Africa I am so pumped for her!! When I read her email, I felt like I was there again! I felt like she said a lot of the same things I said but it so different when you experience it! ah so fun!  I'm so so stoked for her, sounds like a life changing experience!! BAKAN!!!  (Chilean for COOL!) Well thanks my week I'm so glad everything is going well with you guys i love you all so so much and am always always praying for you!!

Con mucho amor,
your chikito missionary

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