Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #6 Los Platonos

Well wow,
I don't even know where to start, ok so getting of the plane there were like a billion of us are mission presidents picked us up and us two Hermanas got to ride with the President and his wife, so that was fun. There are crazy drivers here and the roads here switch directions at different times of the day so it was weird, we got lost!!  haha. then we went to capilla (church) and talked bla bla bla.  I was so tired.  Then finally they gave us our new companions and right before that Elder Sheifield, Bloxham and Close were like,  "Godfrey, your gonna get a Latina that speaks absolutely no English...   Then I was told, "Hermana Godfrey, you're with Hermana Valeriano."  I look up and sure enough, she's a Latina, she goes, "En serio (seriously) I don't speak English"... and i was like, "I don't speak Spanish." Everyone just died laughing. I'm not even joking, everyone was like about ready to wet their pants. So that was fun. Then right after we went to some member's home in our sector "Los Platonos" and all i got was "blagjakajgjljsblkjslakjhglkjslkrdjskldjakfjhjlksj........."  then I was trying so hard to stay awake. It had been 42 hours of no sleep by then. Gosh, then the first night in the pinch, well my head hit the pillow and I was out. The first few days getting up at 7:30 was so hard, but now my body just does it.  I don't even use an alarm.  Um, so our area is so so, so freakin small, it's like our neighborhood from the church to half the masters. It is so so small.  So, we knock and knock and get laughed at and then visit lots and lots of inactive members that know the church is true, but are very lazy, and ya. Both me and me Hermana are new in this sector (area) so it is just trying to find people right now. It's crazy because I have really fallen in love with the people here, all of them are just so so amazing and, ah! I just love em.. and I can barely talk to them so that's a good thing right?  haha.  Oh, they feed us so much here! lots of watermelon and its not just a slice, it's like half a watermelon, no joke. There are two other Hermanas in our pinchen.  I really don't remember there names, so sorry, but they kinda kinda speak a little English so that's really nice, but they kinda get offended when you speak English so we don't speak much.. its so hard but good right!! haha.  Me and my comp. will seriously spend all day trying to figure out what the other one is saying so in totality, we probably say 15 sentences a day to each other... it's way funny.  Although it's hard learning the language, and i just want it to come now, it really has been good because I have turned to my Heavenly Father... he speaks English so its great. So were like best amigos now. I have really come to just rely on him.  I´ve done absolutely all I can so hopefully he´ll help with the rest.  Well, I know he will.  Some funny things I´ve said, the first day this guy was like stalking us in the grocery store, and well, I have no clue what is even going on and he comes up to me and says some thing in Spanish and I'm like "Si," and my Hermana is like,"no no no no!!" .. eventually I came to find out he asked if i would be his polola (chilean word Girlfriend) ahaha so that was pretty funny.  The girls in the pinch always laugh at me the gringa!! haha it's fun.  I´m totally making a fool of my self and i love it. Oh ya on Sunday I had to bare my testimony in Sacrament and I meant to say, "I know God is our loving Heavenly Father," and I said,  "I know God is our lunch father.." the two elder were laughing way hard and I didn´t even know i said that till after... ahhhh so great. so Its been so so so freaking difficult, fun, exhausting, different, hot, exciting, hard. all of the above it is a roller coaster of emotions. but its so great!!

Oh mummies, it really was the best hearing from you all on the phone! I felt like such  baby, I was crying every 10 seconds, but you guys really mean the world to me!! One thing I´ve definitely learned is families are the most important thing is this life and i was blessed with the absolute best family ever. I love Kyns dress it really is so BEAUTIFUL!! You did such a great job. Sounds like everyone is just doing so good as always and Tuggie... oh i still am so sad lulu is gone!! Poor thing. There are so many flippin dogs here its ridiculous watch out where you step. as for mail dear elders i only get on Tuesdays i believe so lets maybe just to emails. Mail? I have no clue honestly i don't really know much I just follow my comp like a little puppy. hahaha and she doesn´t speak English so i just do what she says so i dunno... haha oh mum we live at the pinchens (apartments) right across the freeway from liders (chileano walmart) I dunno if you know where that is and the map you gave me it is in a different sector, so we're not allowed there until changes, so maybe next change. anyways every ones sounds good sounds like dad, Chan had fun! and i can´t believe Kyn is leaving for Africa ohhh she´s gonna have so much fun!! I'm jealous have here forward her emails to me. P day are on Monday here and i think its only a 4 hour difference. as for a package i dunno I'm really just adapting to the things they do here so nothing i like absolutely need. Oh have kyn maybe make me a cd of music por vavor. les mis...any good instrumental..(she knows) and EFY stuff! That would be great. just what ever i dunno american stuff. haha oh they eat the weirdest stuff here and i honestly am not the biggest fan. the meat is great and the rice but they do weird stuff sometimes one dish we had was like green looking fish, eggs, mash potatoes and corn... so nasty but we have to eat it all... bla. oh it so great. oh and they have the Chilean specialty called ass so everyone is always like oh lets go get some ass. hahah its funny. and i have yet to try and empanada!! but ya i dunno
mummsie, I love you so much and you have to idea how very very grateful i am for you and dad and all you do for me!!! thanks so much!! I hope you guys have a spectacular week, I love how you said days just kinda blur together and every once in awhile something exciting happens that's so true. Well love and miss you so so much and always always praying for you!! Thanks so much also for praying for me and fasting and putting my name in the temple i can really feel it and it helps so much. 
Con amor mucho, from the lands of Chile!!!
Your lil missionary
Hermana Megs Godfrey

PS you need to ask me things about Chile you saw and did so we can talk about it.
and sorry if this makes no sense i had to go fast.

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