Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #41 Nope We Don't Celebrate Thanksgiving!

wow! can i first start off just by saying I cannot believe kyn is gone. She is going to be such a good missionary.and i know she's killing it. it will be exciting to share experiences together. sounds like the boys are killing it in europe and so cool kels got to go over. enjoy london for me boys!! (i loved london, harry potter, hehe) but to answer your question mum no they don't spend thanksgiving here and if they did i would be scared because they give enough food as it is. hehe.

ok so this week was a bit crazy, we had a fantastic week though. we had the most lessons i have ever had, and we are just talking to everyone we meet, its fun, i like talking to random people in the street (now hehe) i love hearing their story... the chileans love, i mean LOVE to talk. i don't know if you guys remember milagros.. from a while back? well, we started teaching her again and she is so special. she has come to church two weeks in a row now, and she loves it. she is the cutest, i mean cutest little lady and just always has a smile on her face no matter what. she recently found out that she has cancer and is struggling a bit but you would never know because she is always smiling. we are working a ton with her and she loves to ask lots of questions, which is fun because we have a good conversation answering them. we pray with her. also, we finally, after working with maria ugaz for my whole time here, got her to come to church also, we are going to pass by her house this week to see how she like it. i hope so bad she felt something special. it was so funny because during sacrament i was trying so hard to distract these 3 kids of theirs and they are crazy kids like I'm pretty sure they are above average ADD... and so i thought it would be a good idea to bring markers and paper. bad idea! alejandro 2 years old, starts scribbling all over everything! i had the paper on my lap and when he was done my whole skirt was just covered in scribbles..haha it was funny i couldn't help but laugh, the only thing i wanted was that the moms could focus on the talks and feel the spirit, so we'll see this week if they felt anything, and my poor skirt is probably going into the garbage hehe.

it was cool this week because we did divisions and i was talking to the hermana i was on divisions with, and we were talking about how in divisions miracles always happen and it was true. it was probably one of the most successful days in all my mission, and everything just seemed to go right. this week was good! i realized this week how very blessed i am to have been I'm my sector for so long. yes, sometimes it's boring and really sucks, but it's been so cool to see the changes in the people here. benita and florencia came to church this sunday. florencia had bought a cute little skirt and little high heels for church and benita put on makeup and was all dressed up again. it was neat to see how they are becoming faithful members of the church and it was just a so fulfilling to see, and my heart just wants to explode with joy and there are so many other people i have seen change and i just am loving it so much. i feel blessed to be a missionary and be serving here right now. i know god loves me and even on those days that are hard he is always with me, and i think the most on those hard days. i knows he's with all of us and sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and ask for his help and he will help us. well that's it for me this week.

i hope you all have a great thanksgiving! and send lots of pictures i love you all so much and miss you all tons have a fantastic week and ill talk you, next week. oxoxox
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey
your lil missionary

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