Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Es Premabvera Aca... Week #40!!

 ok so i am sitting here writing you all and there are dogs from the street sleeping under the computers... there are so many dogs here!! hehe gotta love chile. well, first off, i cant believe the time has come and kyn is leaving. wow! i don't have words, i'm so proud of her and i know she is going to do such a great job.

so this week was a crazy week.  we had the opportunity this week, all the mission here in chile got together and elder Holland came and talked to us.... it was so cool! missionaries woke up at 4:30 in the morning to have front row seats when it didn't start until 10... haha we ended up getting there at about 7and it was full, but i talked to some of the missionaries and we ended up sitting 3 rows behind the pulpit, and squished together… hehe it was fun and it was such a neat experience. elder holland is an amazing person. it was so crazy because when he entered the room it was like getting hit by a wall with the spirit and i just love the way he talks — he talks so strong and so was so neat. it was cool because he talked a little about the age change and how we have to be more prepared then the missionaries before and that there is a lot more expected of us then before for that we must learn faster, study hard and grow faster then ever. also that us being at such a young age is a benefit because people have to believe us because we are so young.

elder holland lived here in chile 10 years ago for about 5 years helping the church grow here. he is a funny guy... he talked a lot about how us as missionaries are making history, and that this marks a moment in history just as high as the restoration of the church, the book of mormon and the restoration of the priesthood... pretty cool huh. but because of this, a lot more is demanded of us as missionaries, for that we must be prepared. he also talked very strong that we are not just here to say what we need to say and then go home... we must speak from our hearts and take what we learn and use it in our life at home...a mission is meant to change us, to help us become better people. also how we are just like the investigators we are teaching — we are learning with them and if we don't put our part how do we expect the investigators too as well (makes a lot of sense.) one thing he said that i absolutely loved was that the world is full of great starters but not very many finisher, and this world needs more finishers. he told us i can't promise you a million baptisms, i cant even promise you one... but i can promise you 1 strong convert and that is YOU! if all you do as a missionary is save yourself that is ok with me, because your soul is just as important as any other. he also told one thing i loved so much ¿why is this life so hard? because salvation was hard, it never was easy, so life will never be easy...but it will be worth it in the end. so true!  i love elder holland and it was incredible to even just be able to be in the same room as an apostle... i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him and the words he said have entered my heart forever and it just made me want to be that much better of a missionary. how incredible is it that we have 12 apostles and a prophet to lead and guide us here on this earth i don't know how after meeting him and hearing his words, people can doubt that he is a servant of god.

as for my sector this week it was a pretty good week! we had 2 lessons with lana the russian girl and it was good. she got really mad and the gate guy one day and started screaming at him in russian... russians are scary when there mad... good luck kyn!! hehe.. but she said that she was really having a bad day and after our lesson she said that she felt 10 times better and that we had changed her day... that was cool... i hope so bad that kyn can meet her in russia. how freaken cool would that be! as for benita, she came to church with florencia and it was so cute! they came in the dresses (always came in pants before) and benita was a different person. its been such a blessing to be here to continue to see how much she has changed. we had a new investigator come to church this sunday her name is milagros. she is so adorable and just always has a smile on her face. we are working with her and we'll see what happens this week. well that's about it for this week. president holland def. was the highlight as it would be for any missionary. hehe

 i love you all so much and i hope you all have an amazing week. oxoxox
 con mucho amor,
 your lil missionary.

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