Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Week #39... Start of a New Transfer!

ok so you all now know that i am still here in los platanos one more transfer and then I'm sure i will be going. im a bit bored but im here for a reason... it was interesting because before the other hermanas left, (hermana adams and hermana zelaya) hermana adams was telling me how she knows that im here for a reason and that something is going to happen and i didn't believe her. well, this week interesting things happened and i dunno if i am the one to be here for these experiences, but i feel blessed to be here. but first off, the new elder came into our sector so me and hermana guevara live alone, witch was a bit difficult to get used to, but now we are good. but the new elders that came to our sector were out working their 3rd day and they were here when one of the elders was hit and ran over by a motorcycle and was in the hospital and now cant walk...he is training another missionary and the poor new elder couldn't speak a lick of spanish and was trying so hard to talk to all the cops and emts....  then we were sitting in church yesterday and we were getting everything ready for relief society, and all over a sudden the presidenta shrieked and fell to the ground crying uncontrollably ... she finally told us that her mother had died just then. the worst part it is most of the ward in los platanos is part of this family (La familia alegria y saldaƱa) so me and my comp went looking for the rest of the family, and then we all left to the hospital... it was probably one of the saddest things i have ever seen and the worst to see was the husband of the lady who died, he was just balling hysterically, and after then, they brought his body to the church and it was just full of people there to support the family. it was cool to see the support that they have, and i started to think that i feel so blessed to have the knowledge that we have as members of the church. the funeral is going to be tonight.

so the other day it was so funny because my comp was dying of alergies so i wanted to help... so i grabbed the benadryl mum sent me and on the baggi it said 2 pills so i handed them to my comp right before bed and told her to take them... well they didn't work till the next day and she was completely drugged. she couldn't even hold herself up! (i think our drugs are a bit strong for latinos) it was hilarious!! i couldn't understand why she was so tired and neither could she! she was like, hermana im so weak i don't know what happened. i then remembered that i had given her the benadryl and started laughing and then told her, and we know have this joke that i drugged my comp. hhahahah it was pretty funny.

as for investigators this week was a good week. we had a lesson with a women named elizabeth, her mom is the one who died about 3 weeks ago. we asked her where she thinks her mom is now, and if she thinks she will see her again. she told us no, and that she only believe in reincarnation.... and super hard headed, this woman. she said she doesn't like god.  she believes in him, but hates him because he is a cruel man that made her mom suffer for 3 years, and said, don't tell me it was a challenge in my life because I'm a good person, why would god do such cruel things to people like me. i really in this moment didn't know quite what to say. i told the only thing i could think of: "pray" elizabeth!! i cant make you believe me, i don't know all things but there is someone who can. god! i invite you to pray and ask him ask him your doubts. ask him if your mom is ok and most important ask him if he loves you... she told me she would do it and that that made a lot of sense because the only one who knows is god. so well see. we also had a fast this week for all of our investigators so well see fingers crossed. well that's about it this week!! all is good and well, and we are just working our butts off and trying to kill it out her in los platanos. our presidente only wants elders or hermanas in each sector, :/ bla so we will probably leave this next change... we are the only two sisters left. but ya that is about it life is good, loving the mission and miss you all tons and love you all so much!!! have a great week kyn, enjoy your last week as a normal person!! hehehe. OH!! and Finn is sooooooooo dang ADORABLE!!  he is the perfect mix of emily and brent!!
con mucho amor,
hermana godfrey

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