Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #4 MTC

So crazy I cannot believe its only 4 days away till I´m off to Chile it so weird, feels like a dream, we've been told have your last hot shower, last cup of cold milk and hamburger haha! Monday is gonna be a crazy day we have to meet at the travel office a 3am and then fly to Dallas then Florida then to Chile I´ll probably call in Florida when I have that 6 hour layover so around 12-3ish Utah time??? i dunno. But also do be surprise if you maybe get a call around 4 or 5 in the morning, especially if dads gonna be on a plane I'll call him, if he wants? in the morning as well! What phone should I call anyways? whats gonna be the best way to get a hold of you guys? Has for package or anything sent to the MTC Friday will be the last day I will receive dear elders but Saturday will be the last day for package y hand letters. So NUTS I'm so stoked tho!! haha I don't know any Spanish this is gonna be so exciting!!  Thank you so much for the Health package I love the candy too but it's nice to have something good to actually eat around here. I realize here how precious and important family is, and how extraordinary our family is. We need to work to keep that bond.  So glad Kylee's farewell went well, tell her good luck for me and how excited I am for her.  I'm praying for everyone every night and always put every one's names in the temple when I go. You have to let me know what happens with tanner and Gav in Las Vegas. I'm stoked for them? Everyone is just traveling the world right now aren't they sounds like fun!! As for me this week as just been so great trying to live in the moment of my last moments here in the MTC. Its hard sometimes cause I just wanna get outta here but I definitely have had some great moments here. I had my last interview with the branch president Tuesday and he asked me what the best thing about the MTC has been I told him my district!! I was blessed for an amazing district I know I say that every time but they really are so amazing, its so funny because the boys in my district remind me so much of our family everyday they come in telling some story of something stupid they did last night, peeing on each other, leaving molded hot dogs in each others room, sling shooting wet paper towels at each other leaving welts, just being boys and I just love it makes me feel at home as sad as that sounds, but the other thing I love is how we can have to much for but when its time to buckle down we all buckle down and work. Our teacher said that our district was blessing in her life cause her old district was pretty hard on her. Its gonna be hard to say goodbye to everyone, there are like 45 of us all traveling to Chile on Monday tho soo we are just gonna take over the plane. haha. Oh funny story so Sunday night I decided im gonna slid down this railing in my skirt (hum good idea right) and accidentally leaned a little to far over and completely back flipped over the bar and landed on  my head, one of the elders was standing right below me and could have totally caught me but he didn't wanna break to rules by touching me so he just stepped away and just let me fall right on my face. I just laid there for a second and then I couldn't hold back I just started laughing my head off I am such an idiot and everyone was laughing at me and what a tard I am, you all are probably thinking so typical of meg. It was so funny. I decided after that moment, that laughing is the best thing in the world and no matter where you are in the world Laughing and Music are always the same no matter what language you speak. So I'm just gonna use my laughter over in Chile with the  people!! Oh I TRC'ed this chick that went to Chile on her mission and we were asking her about the language and she said... oh ya.. um ya they don't speak Spanish down there they speak Chilean. That was a confidence booster... not. Haha but whatever I'm just excited to get down there and get to work and embrace myself into it!! I saw Shelby mum she's on my floor and I see her quite a bit, she's such a cutie she is going to be such an amazing missionary. Oh fun fact people here in the MTC are tripping out over us leaving on Monday we are the first missionaries in the world to leave on this 6 week program, one of the teachers said we are ready people, and the lord must really trust us! Interesting thing I learned this week was how real Satan is in our lives and how absolutely strong we need to be. I was reading in moses 7:26 and it hit me so hard, it was such a heavy scripture to me that we must always be on our guard, because as soon as we let that guard down Satan will hit us. I realized how strong we all need to be and with the lord on our side we can do all. "he may have the power to bruise our heal but we have the power to crush his head" Which also makes me think of another scripture that I just loved, John 4:19 "we love him because he loves us first" God is with us always. We actually ended up teaching that to our investigator now that i think about it, Oh so cool she committed to baptism even tho the whole experience was fake it was crazy oh real it felt and how much I felt for her and wanted the best for her. 

Me amo me padre celestrial con todos corizon, y yo se que te ama mi tambien!! Oracion es muy imprtante en mi vida especiallmente en la missones. ama ser una missiones! my spanish is so bad but esta bein I know I will learn it out there in due time!

Well Te amo mucho!!!
Love sus baja missonary,
Hermana Megs Godfrey

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