Santiago East, Chile Mission

Santiago East, Chile Mission
January 16,2013

Letter #2 MTC

Holo Familia,
Como Esta??? Well I just wanna start out saying sorry about my last email it was all other the place but then again so was I!! haha! I think I'm actually starting to figure things out now so this one will be better, no promises tho!! Well this week has gone by so fast, next thing you know I'm gonna be in Chile!! ahh! so stoked!! Mum and Dad sounds like you have so much fun in Santiago I'm really am so stoked you got  to go see it! so rad you got to see my mission present, even for like a second! Its so crazy how dad being invited down to Chile right after my call worked out and stuff I really thing there might be a reason for that! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY PACKAGE!! It was so perfect in every way and totally made my day! Letter and packages are like the best thing in the world here! My whole district chowed down all the cookies, your Oreo cookies were a hit like always Kyn!! Mum the money was super cool to everyone was tripping out over it!! I cant wait to see pictures!! Seems like everyone is doing well, know I'm praying for everyone everyday!! Prayer has really become my favorite thing to do here!! So this week has been really a good one for me I am loving it here going loco being trapped in but I absolutely love me district they are all so amazing! I feel really blessed for them and for being in the 6 week program, heavenly father know me all to well!! haha Espanol is still hard as ever but I've come to conclusion that there is no reason to get worked up about it, because tomorrows a new day and I'm learning at least something everyday. The gift of tongues is a gift, and its gods gift to give, and he will give it to me when he feels I'm ready to receive it and deserve it! also drawing down the powers of heaven! (my favorite book) One thing I have learned in here as well is that charity is most important above all! If you think of others you don't think about yourself you are going to be more happy, charity never faileth! Cool story! One of the girls Hermana Smith was having a really hard time and wrote a letter home to her family saying I don't think I can do this I wanna come home... And I was talking to her and I just felt to much love for her and with all my heart I did not want to see her give up, she already had made it so far. So I told her I said I my blunt way,(probably not the best) "Going home is not an option, don't even think about it, you need to wake up everyday drag yourself outta bed, and do your best everyday (partly speaking from experience)! She looked at me and we both got a little choked up and she was like your right! Hermana you are so inspiring to me and I hope to be like you! Now I'm not trying to say how perfect I am but it felt so amazing to see that even though I cant speak Espanol to investigators that I can help the girls in my district! I just thought that was a cool experience! I've met so many people here it is seriously the best! Haven't seen Ashely yet but it will happen! Dylan's cousin Elder Quist and I have become way good friends he awesome!! Everyone here is just so will to help you and so inspiring. It was so funny today we went to the temple and it was the first clear day since I've been her and you would have thought we all had never seen mountains before! My companion is fantastic I am really growing to love her, she has loosened up so much its way nice and maybe at sometimes not a good thing but it's been awesome! Well I'm running out of time! I'll of course write some hand written letter to everyone and know that I love all you so so much!! And miss you all super kinda much!! Can't wait to call and chat at the airport and stuff in like 4 weeks haha! Mum and Dad thank you so much for all that you do for me and all you've taught me, you guys done good!! I love you guys so much! Let me know how the boys are doing in NZ!!??

Buenos Dias!! Le amo Mucho!!

Hermana (your oldest daughter) Godfrey

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